How to make an awesome smoothie in 60secs

Sure, they’re regularly touted as an ideal super-snack for time-poor people, but have you ever noticed that in the time it takes to grab, wash, peel, chop, spoon and blitz a great smoothie, the clock will have clicked over way more minutes than you have spare?

That’s why ALDI’s clever new Super Blend Power Smoothies range of pre-chopped, frozen fruits and vegetables stole our attention the minute they arrived in the Sporteluxe office. The idea? You just tip one cup into your blender, add your preferred liquid (such as water, coconut milk, yogurt), buzz, then tip back into the handy plastic drinking cup and GO!

Check out the customised twist our own Bianca Cheah added for this tried and tested video. When the dull chop-work’s already done, you’ve got more time to get smoothie creative!

There are two flavours to choose between at the moment: Super Booster (banana, coconut water, spinach, orange, carrot, pineapple, strawberries and ginger mix) and Fruit and Veg Blast (banana, coconut water, apple, spinach, pear, kale, honey and lemon blend).

Either way, they’re probably the healthiest thing you’ll stock in your freezer all winter. And at just $2.50 per cup (sold as a 2-pack for $4.99), they’re more budget-friendly than the café variety too.


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