Make these healthy pancakes at home!

Chia Bran Pancakes

Lazy brunches are one of the best things about weekends. We love this apple, cinnamon and chia bran pancake recipe created by the team at wholefood meal delivery service Eat Fit Food.

Apple, cinnamon and chia bran pancakes with berry compote and coconut yoghurt

Serves 4
For the compote


½ cup of frozen blackberries
A sprinkle of coconut sugar for sweetness
1 stick cinnamon
Juice of a half a lemon


  1. Combine all ingredients. Steam in a pot with a lid on for one minute.

For the pancakes


200g chia bran
6 eggs
200 ml coconut water (up to 500 ml extra filtered water needed)
30 g coconut sugar
10 g cinnamon powder
1 apple, brunoise very small
Pinch of salt


  1. Combine all ingredients, using a little more coconut water if needed. Mix well.
  2. Lightly pan fry in a little coconut oil until light brown.
  3. Serve pancakes topped with compote and a spoonful of coconut yoghurt.