Make wellness your career series – PART 2 (take the plunge! Where to start?)

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Part 2

Take the plunge! Where to start?

Last week we established that the wellness industry is big business. Given that you’re reading part two of this 4-part series, it can also be assumed that (like me) you are passionate about wellness and considering making it a career. Good for you! I highly recommend it.

My journey into the wellness industry actually started almost 15 years ago with a Reiki course recommended to me by the same person who asked me with regards to work, “does it make your heart sing?” (read Part 1 of this Wellness Career series to understand what I’m referring to). It made my heart sing and I loved it, this beautiful new tool of hands-on healing that I had learnt in just one weekend.

I absolutely wanted more – more learning, more reading and more courses, but more than anything, I wanted to immerse myself into this rewarding industry and make wellness my career and so my heart could sing all the time (and I could give up my day job!).

Does this sound at all familiar to you?

Have you had a little taste of wellness and want more? Perhaps a yoga class filled you up with something special, something that moved you. Perhaps a Reiki or kinesiology or massage treatment had a deep effect on you. Perhaps a book, podcast or blog post resonated with you, or you have a vision of what you want your life to look like and feel like and want passionately to immerse yourself in all things spiritual, health, fitness and wellness-linked.

make wellness your career, emma seibold, career advice

For me that spark took me on a path of discovering my desires through courses, workshops, seminars and books (a friend and I even started our own ‘Spiritual Book Club’) and meeting like-minded people. With each encounter, I acquired more knowledge and more confidence and in 2009, I left my job to start Urban Remedy Cleanse, a juice detox program. This was the most incredible experience as I was able to build the business from the ground up with a group of investors supporting and advising me along the way. I definitely wasn’t making as much money (less than half my previous salary, so you most likely need to be willing to take a serious pay cut for love if you want to get started in the industry), but I was finally following my heart’s desire to work in wellness.

I left Urban Remedy to have a baby and after he was born, in 2011, I created Barre Body. Now Barre Body has seven studios in Sydney and Melbourne, retreats in Fiji and Bali, two DVDs and an online studio. I have another beautiful baby, an incredible husband (and business partner) and I am truly living my dream life. All because I decided to follow my truest passions and create a career for myself in the wellness industry and make my heart sing.

I can’t recommend the path more highly if you’re truly excited by it.

Here’s my wellness advice to you:

Make connections

 Make connection with people who are working, loving and living the industry. There is something really powerful about the energy created among like-minded souls.

Immerse yourself in learning

Immerse yourself in learning reading, studying, retreating, the whole she-bang. The more you learn, the closer you are to being ready to take the plunge.

Test the waters

Test the waters and do some research. If you want to be a yoga teacher, take yoga classes. If you want to open a vegan café, take a vegan cooking class. It will give you a better idea if what you think you want is actually what you really want and you’ll also get some inspiration from people who are already living your dream along the way.

Set a goal

Set a goal. Your goal can be as simple as, “leave my job in 2017 to live my dream life” or as specific as “undertake my barre teacher training at Barre Body (yes, we do offer teacher training)” or as bold and brave as “open my own wellness retreat by 2018”.

Make a plan

Make a plan. It might not be a full plan of action, but aim to have at least the next step clearly defined. This means that you are always moving forward.

Take the next step!

Take the next step! Don’t just plan for it. Actually take the step. Book the course. Go on the retreat. Find a mentor. Move to Byron Bay. Go to a yoga class. Make a raw dessert.

Take the next step towards making your heart sing. Do it. No seriously, do it today, or tomorrow at the very, very latest.


Next week in PART 3, I will give you some inspiration on how you can uncover what it is you might do with this magical life of yours. Watch this space… 

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One of Australia's most respected (and popular) high profile instructors and wellness coaches, Emma is a pioneer of new ways to sculpt and care for our bodies. As well as being the founder of popular pilates-meets-yoga-meets-ballet workout Barre Body, she's also a yoga instructor, Pilates instructor and holistic health and wellness coach, and has trained at schools in New York, India, Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay. She also founded cult juice detox program, Urban Remedy Cleanse. With an enormous passion for all things relating to health, Sydney-based Emma, a mum of two beautiful young children, tries to live what she teaches: a balanced life filled with exercise and love.