Me first! Because being selfish isn’t always a bad thing

Let’s get real now. You can’t be the best version of you, give the best of yourself or get the best out of life if you aren’t putting yourself first. But honestly, how often do you prioritize being selfish? How quickly do you bump your needs in favour of someone (or something) else?

Before we go on, let’s drop the idea that selfish is bad. Choose the term ‘self-love’ if it makes you feel better. You can be kind, generous and loving to others AND do the same for yourself. In fact, you’ll do an even better job of it when you are practicing a little more self-love.

So how do we find the right balance of putting ourselves first without hurting others and crossing the line into inconsiderate and disrespectful behavior?

Check out my top five ways to be more selfish and what you need to ditch to make it happen!

1) Consider what you need when making plans on the weekend. Do what you want to do! Think before you over-commit.

Ditch this: Saying yes to every social event out of obligation and guilt, despite your clear (yet ignored) need for something else.

2) Accept compliments and celebrate your achievements. You deserve them! Graciously accept kind words about something you’ve achieved or worked hard for.

Ditch this: Disregarding and waving off compliments or down-playing your own success. You wouldn’t do that to anyone else, would you?

3) Choose what you put into your body and what healthy looks like to you. Your body is your temple – you have every right to do what’s best for you.

Ditch this: Explaining yourself or apologising for the decisions you make. Or even compromising so you avoid judgment and questioning! If you don’t want to drink, smoke and eat crap then don’t!

4) Put your phone on silent, and be ‘unavailable’. You don’t have to be at everyone’s beck and call. Be unreachable a little more!

Ditch this: Being available to deal with everyone and everything. Managing work-related issues after hours or taking every single call from your needy, emotional friend! Call back when it works best for you.

5) Choose peace over drama. If a situation or person is causing chaos or drama in your life, give yourself permission to back away!

Ditch this: Being the peacemaker. Trying to fix things for everyone. Jumping right into the drama because you think it’s ‘the right thing’ to do. It might be for them, but it’s probably not for you!

Image credits: Photographer: Chris Lew. Product: Samsung Note 3.