Meet Alo Yoga Instructor & Good Vibes Expert Miki Ash

Miki Ash has a lot to smile about.

Miki Ash Yoga Instructor

Few people can make you smile purely from a photograph but take a scroll through Miki Ash’s feel-good Instagram account and you’ll find yourself grinning from ear to ear. Every image exudes happiness and if you know her in person, you’ll know it’s one account that is truly genuine.

As an instructor at Alo Yoga in Beverly Hills, an artist and an all-round creative, Miki has a lot to smile about. But it’s her ability to make others feel just as positive that makes her really unique. Take it from us, she’s worth knowing.

So, we thought we’d extend the liberty by introducing you to her. Sporteluxe readers, meet Miki Ash.



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Born: LA

Lives: LA

Known for: being a yogi, an artist and a master manifester

Personal motto: create the life you want to live

Success is: having the freedom to travel and enjoy luxuriously slow mornings

Advice I would give my 20 yr. old self: HUSTLE! and love yourself as much as possible.

People are surprised that I: am goofy and playful. I think I might come off as a bit reserved.

I’m inspired by (person, place or idea): Nature mostly, I am a bit obsessed with plants.

The biggest risk I have taken (that has paid off) is: pursuing my passion instead of doing what I “should” do according to society.

From my mistakes, I have learnt: to identify what I need and to clearly communicate

My most used emoji is: 🌵 oh, and⚡


It is time for a new color.

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Wake up time: 7am

Morning ritual: meditate, walk, bodhi, drink coffee or matcha, and write in my 5-minute journal

Desk lunch: smoothie or poke bowl!

Last thing I do at night: Make a list of things I need to do the next day, and fall asleep listening to guided meditation

Guilty pleasure: chocolate everything

3 things vital to my day: coffee/matcha, cuddles & hugs, and being creative in some way

Cafe: Bardonna

Juice: Beet + something sweet

Coffee: with almond milk and stevia

Studio/gym: Love Yoga, Soul Cycle Brentwood and Pilates Platinum


if we ever start a girl band this would definitely be the album cover. Now we just need a band name. @maniashkenazy

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Sports top: Alo Yoga Interlace Bra

Sports tights: Alo Yoga Airbrush High Waist Capris

Shoes: Gucci Princetown Slides

Sunglasses: Warby Parker / anything vintage

Watch: never, just a ton of gold jewelry

Store: Buffalo Exchange. If I buy clothes, I like to buy second hand.

New season must have: wicker baskets and newsboy hats


App: Instagram and 1 Giant Mind

Website: Pinterest, always.

Binge watch: the Flash (LOL, it’s so good!!)

Instagram stalk: @matildajerf,  @aleksandrazee and @daramuscat are my current girl crushes

Album love: very into BVRGER and anything jazzy


@aloyoga keeps me so cozy ❄️ : @natashamarieyoga

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Website: and (my blog)

Instagram: @MikiAsh


Snap: never use!!