Meet our November guest blogger Chloe Morello

With nearly two million followers across her FacebookTwitterInstagram accounts and over one million YouTube subscribers worldwide, Chloe Morello has taken the beauty world by storm.

In this exclusive photo shoot and guest blog for Sporteluxe, the gorgeous beauty guru models her favourite Camilla kaftan and Teeny B Bikini and shares a few things you may not know about her life before vlogging and what makes her feel confident.

Meet Sporteluxe guest blogger Chloe Morello

Photography by Bianca Cheah, hair and makeup by Chloe Morello, location Pier One Sydney

Chloe Morello

 Juice or Coffee?


 DVD or party?


 Yoga or Run?


 Smokey eye or red lip?

Smokey Eye

 Trainers or Heels?


 I never leave the house without….

Spare hair ties

 Name only 3 makeup products that would take to a deserted island?

Brow fibre gel, mascara and BB cream

 What are you listening to on your iPod right now?

How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris 

 Fav blog?

I like vloggers and my fav’s are Mamrie Heart and Typer Oakley 

Chloe Morello

Seven things you might not know about me…

Hey guys, I thought I’d be a little different and share with you a few things that you may not know about me just for a point of difference. I’m sure you’ve all seen my Youtube channel and all the beauty videos I’ve created. So in my first teaser guest blog for Sporteluxe, here’s seven things you may not know about me…

On food…I think Nutella on savoury bread is disgusting. Why do people like it?! And my guilty pleasure is BBQ Sakata’s with Chris’ avocado dip – YUM.

On fitness…Did you know I was a belly dancer for seven years and performed weekly at Middle Eastern and Turkish restaurants, weddings and parties. hahaha, I taught belly dancing at local dance schools, too. Belly dancing is also awesome at toning the abs! 

On career…Before taking my YouTube channel on as a full time job I actually worked at a Crematorium in Canberra. I sold the plots and organised the burial plaques. 

On how I like to relax ..My favourite television programs are English detective shows like The Bletchley Circle, Midsomer Murders and Rosemary & Thyme. Have you heard of these? 

On beauty back then….I had braces and bad acne as a teenager – like many of us! 

On growing up... I was so obsessed with the TV show Lizzie McGuire. I taped every episode, bought all the books, made mum give me a fringe, cut all my jeans into capris and wore platforms sandals as much as possible. Are platform sandals even in fashion still?

On fashion…I used to wear my bikini under my school uniform every day and head straight to the beach instead of home when the bus dropped me off. Even today, I still love to wear bikini’s under everything. Which is the very reason I wore the outfit in this photoshoot. Not only is it flattering, but most importantly it makes me feel confident in my own skin. And that’s what I’m all about. Being confident and being me!

Till next time,

Chloe XX

Chloe Morello, confident