Meet super blogger Sara Donaldson from Harper & Harley

Ranking among the most influential online voices in Australian fashion, with over 350,00 Instagram followers, Sara Donaldson is a formidable force. She is the blogger behind the Australian fashion blog, Harper & Harley, (yes, we’re also guilty of perusing her stylish feed in our lunch break!) and is one of the five main cast members of the reality TV show Fashion Bloggers. We chatted to the brunette beauty for all the information on her fitness secrets, her tip for incredible selfies and the one beauty product she just can’t live without.

Sara Donaldson talks fitness, fashion and the future 

  1. What does an average day look like for you?

“The average day has me getting up early to take my dogs to the park at around 6:30/7am. I then head back home to get ready for work and jump on my emails while I wait for the morning traffic to die down. I might detour via a press showing or meeting on the way in, but will be at the office by 10 or 11am at the latest. I normally schedule shoots for the weekends, so Monday-Friday I’ll be writing and putting together content as well as managing upcoming and ongoing projects.”

      1. What does your daily work “uniform” look like? 

“It’s always black. Right now I’m going for a sleeveless black vest top over leather pants and lace up shoes. I’m always repeating outfits, but when its black its less noticeable.”

      1. What’s currently on your desk

“Water. A ton of event invites I need to RSVP to – this time of year is crazy! Computer. Diary (An Organised Life).”

      1. With such a huge following on social media, how do you keep your audience engaged and find inspiration for new content? 

“I have to come up with new content all the time, which can become a little tiring. Luckily, fashion and beauty is always moving and there are new trends, products and inspiration being created so there is always something to talk about and a new way of doing something. The momentum of the industry keeps me going.”

        1. What are your top tips for taking the perfect flat lay for Instagram?

“Don’t make it too forced, it shouldn’t be a puzzle. It should look as if it’s naturally fallen into place.” 



          1. Do you have any tricks for a great selfie?



      “Natural light – There is no other way of getting that glow to the face.”    


          1. Do you have a favourite filter/editing app?



      “Yes, but I’m keeping it a secret!”    


          1. What is your fitness regime like?



      “I like to schedule in training session with Dan from 98 Riley Street Gym twice a week as well as head to a Megaformer class. My gym time is one of the rare hours in my day when my phone isn’t in my hand. It’s my version of meditation.”    


          1. What is your advice on a healthy work/life balance?



      “Only recently have I realised that my health should be my number one investment. If I can buy a $1000 bag then I should be comfortable spending $1000 on personal training and getting my health in check. If I’m sick then I can’t work and when you run your own business you really can’t let that happen. I always prioritise getting enough sleep – for me, it’s 7-8 hours a night. If I don’t, then everything falls apart from there.”

    1. What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

“My auntie got me onto Rose Hip oil for my acne scars and I’ve been using it for the last 10 years.”

    1. What do you do for fun in your down time?

“Get off my phone! I love spending time with my boyfriend and our dogs. Going to the dog beach, stand up paddle boarding and a relaxed evening on the couch or out to our favourite bar is my idea of a good time.”

    1. If you had never got into blogging, what would you have done?

“My family runs a kitchenware company, so it’s likely I would have ended up selling spatulas and spiralizeres. Not even joking.”

  1. Where are your favourite places to workout, shop and eat in Sydney?

“Work Out: 98 Riley St Gym with Dan Adair and Physicore in Mosman Shop: Online! Eat: Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen in Alexandria and Showbox Coffee Brewers in Manly.”

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years time?

“Running a business where I no longer have to be the face of the brand and can go on holidays without being on my phone.”

Quick Questions:

Juice or Coffee? Coffee

DVD or party? DVD

Yoga or Run? Yoga

Smokey eye or red lip? Smokey eye

Trainers or Heels? Trainers

I never leave the house without: Phone, wallet, keys

Favourite emoji: laughing crying

Currently listening to: The rain

Guilty pleasure: Reality TV