Meet the dynamic duo behind celeb-approved swimwear label MIKOH

Growing up on the sun-kissed beaches of California inspired sisters Oleema and Kalani Miller to create their super sexy swimwear line MIKOH. Fusing statement prints and vibrant colours with luxurious fabrics and sophisticated cuts, MIKOH suits are designed for active beach babes. And with a tick of approval from Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Rihanna, and more style stars worldwide, you know the sisters are onto a winning formula.

Former professional surfer Oleema is the creative director and designer behind MIKOH, while Kalani handles the business end. To celebrate the launch of their new collection we chatted the dynamic duo to get the inside scoop on the range, their fitness secrets and confidence tips.

Oleema and Kalani Miller talk bikinis, fitness and nutrition

Q: What’s the inspiration behind your Aloha 2016 collection?

OLEEMA: “The collection pays homage to the retro Hawaiian beach culture of the ‘70s, a radical time in the history of surf that epitomized this aloha spirit. This pivotal decade in surfing history provided the backdrop for the boom in surf culture, encapsulated by a feeling of relaxed, effortless cool. Inspiration was found in sundrenched days and balmy breezes, lush colors and towering palms, and the quintessential freedom of a day spent by and in the ocean.”

Mikoh, Kalani Miller, Oleema MillerQ: Must-wear print or colour for the season?

OLEEMA: “The 2016 collection has an amazing neutral color palette, and one my favorite colors is a great khaki green called ARMY.”

KALANI: “My must-wear print is Hawaiian Coastal Blue.”

Q: What is the swimwear faux pas you see most often?

O: “When I see women wearing the wrong size! Ill fitting swimsuits are the worst.”

K: “Baggy bottoms – they do nothing for the figure. MIKOH is designed where if you wear the right size and cut for your body shape, which we work hard to perfect, it will enhance your figure.”

Q: Who would you love to see wearing your label?

O: “We love seeing everyday women wearing MIKOH. It’s such a thrill to see women on the beach wearing our brand, and seeing our suits give women the confidence to feel sexy in their skin.”

K: “We love seeing women both at home [in California], and internationally, wearing MIKOH. It’s always great seeing women that we look up to wear our designs and support us.”

Mikoh, Kalani Miller, Oleema MillerQ: Best tip for feeling confident in a swimsuit?

O: “My best tip would be to find the right shape and size to complement your body type, it’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin.”

K: “Echoing Oleema, it’s key to wear a suit that you feel comfortable in, and doesn’t show too much and doesn’t show too little. This ranges from person to person. There’s nothing sexier than feeling powerful and confident on the beach.”

Q: What is your fitness regime like?

O: “I stay fit by being outside and constantly being active. I live an on-the-go lifestyle, and am constantly moving. When I want to kick things into high gear, pilates is my favourite workout, and of course I try to go surfing as often as possible.”

K: “Recently I have gotten into pilates, and since it’s hard to find studios while being on the road I do Pure Barre videos. Also, being outside and in the ocean is great – it’s the best jetlag remedy!”

Q: Do you have any health secrets you swear by?

O: “Staying hydrated is essential so I am constantly drinking a lot of water. Also, lots of dark leafy greens like spinach and kale, whether in juice, a smoothie, or a salad. However, I eat almost everything and anything – moderation is key.”

SaladK: “I start my morning with hot water and lemon, which is a great way to alkalize your body after a good night’s sleep. I love green tea and try to avoid coffee, which is hard because it’s so good sometimes! I try and always eat healthy and I never get into the mindset that I’m ever on holiday. When you spend your life on the road, you have to keep the mindset that this is your normal regime.”

Q: Kalani, do you and Kelly have a favourite meal to cook together? Can you share the recipe? (Kalani is currently dating professional surfer Kelly Slater) 

K: “Something that Kelly and I really enjoy doing together is cooking, we find that it’s great way to end our day. We like making fish with whatever flavours we’re feeling that day, and because we’re in so many coastal, tropical locations, it’s easy to find fresh fish. We love making fish with quinoa, some stir fry vegetables and a fresh kale or green salad. We don’t follow recipes, we cook for how we’re feeling each night, and what fresh ingredients we have available.”

Mikoh sunglasses aviatorQ: Oleema, if we looked inside your beach bag, what would we find?

O: “In my beach bag, you’ll find MIKOH sunglasses (my favorites are the HNL aviator shape), Essentia water, MIKOH’s Turkish towel, a good beach read and Shade Sunscreen.”

Q: What can we expect to see from Mikoh next year?

O: “For the 2017 collection, we’re planning to build upon our classics, yet we’ll always have some surprises in store.”

K: “We’re definitely going to keep things fresh and exciting for our audience.”


Quick Questions

My favourite song…

O: “Riptide” by Vance Joy

K: “I love to work out to “Bitch Better Have My Money” by Rihanna”

Favourite beach…

O: “Tavarua in Fiji”

K: “Bondi Beach” 

Fav holiday destination…

O: “Hawaii”

K: “Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur California”

Favourite food…

O: “A double burger from In N Out”

K: “Avocado with green goddess dressing “

Favourite drink…

O: “A green man smoothie from SunLife Organics in Malibu”

K: “Purps Hydro”


O: “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz”

K: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo. When you’re on the road, it helps you streamline and realize what truly brings you joy.”

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Mikoh, Kalani Miller, Oleema Miller Mikoh, brazilian style bikiniMikoh, Kalani Miller, Oleema Miller Mikoh, Kalani Miller, Oleema Miller Mikoh, Kalani Miller, Oleema Miller