Megan Gale’s holistic body and beauty tips

Megan Gale, L'Oreal, Beauty of Pure

Nature-based, holistic health and beauty has taken on a whole new meaning for model and ambassador Megan Gale since the birth of her beautiful baby boy, River, 14 months ago.

On that note, it seems a perfect synergy she’s been announced the face of L’Oreal’s new Hair Expertise range of sulphate-free, botanical oil-based luxury hair products and the related Beauty of Pure campaign, which emphasises the important of nourishing our minds, bodies and soul if we want to be naturally healthy.

“I’ve always tried to take care of myself both inside and out and I’ve always had a bit of an all-encompassing ‘mind, body, soul’ approach to wellness,” Megan told Sporteluxe. “It’s your body and you’re in charge of it, so you should try to do everything you can to look after it.”

We spoke to the celebrated and popular Australian beauty about how she nourishes her own body, wards off the stress and exhaustion of being a new mum, and how she finds her joy and where she feels most content and confident…


Sporteluxe: Can you sum up your exercise philosophy?

Megan: “Looking after yourself is great for your personal self-esteem; how you feel about yourself and your body confidence as well. I’ve always tried to tailor my exercise regime towards things I love so that it’s not such a chore. And I listen to my body – if I feel a little bit stiff, maybe I might do a bit of yoga, or if I feel like I need to get my heart rate up and get a sweat on I might go for a run or a power walk with the pram. I’ve recently gotten back into yoga again; I didn’t realise how much I missed it, the calming effect it has and how it brings your focus and helps you stay present.”

Can you sum up your food/diet philosophy?

“I gravitate toward healthy, cold, organic foods, fortunately. There’s no strict diet I follow, like Paleo or vegan, but I try to balance things fresh product, good healthy dose of fruit and vegetables every day and proteins like meat chicken, fish and grains as well. I’m only human so I do like a bit of a naughty indulgence every now again, chocolate or ice cream, but I keep it to a minimum. I think balance is key and not depriving yourself of anything.”

What is your main focus when it comes to your beauty regime? Megan Gale, L'Oreal, Beauty of Pure

“Considering the type of job I do and that I’m a beauty ambassador, I always make sure my skin is exfoliated and moisturised from top to toe. I’m a traditional ‘Leo’ with a big proud mane and looking after it serves me well for my job, so I always take extra special care of my hair, especially when I’m not working. I don’t use straightening irons or curling irons or blow-dry it on my days off. I really make sure I nourish it.”

This new Hair Expertise is sulphate free. What attracts you to that kind of product?

“People are getting more mindful about finding products that are better for them and their bodies and I think it’s really wonderful. There are some fantastic sulphate-free products there out on the market, but I think this one is great because it’s premium and contains botanical oils. I love essential oils – I use them day-to-day, say in the bath or mixed in a body oil, so to be able to use that in a product for my hair too is just really lovely. It’s the kind of product I’ve always gravitated toward.”

Has having your son changed the way you approach the beauty products you use?

“You have to become more aware [when you’re pregnant and breastfeeding]. Your body is like a sponge and everything you put on yourself absorbs into your body, and your baby absorbs what you absorb. I used to wear perfume a lot and still do if I’m working or going out on a date with my partner, but if I’m holding [my son], I don’t because I don’t want it to irritate him.”


How do you manage stress?

“Its’ all about balance for me – there are times when it’s pretty hectic and busy but you try to find time, usually at the end of the day. I might run a relaxing bath, or go for a walk with my son, or listen to music or take a yoga class. Unless you do find that balance, things get on top of you and you don’t ever feel like you’ve had a rest. It’s just about making time for you. Also, I haven’t done it in a while, but before I became pregnant, I used to be a big fan of packing myself up and taking myself off to a health retreat. I’ve been to Gwinganna eight times!

Megan Gale, L'Oreal, Beauty of PureHow do you recharge your batteries when you’re exhausted?

“You really can’t underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep. The night before last I had a shocking sleep and I was just operating half-half all the next day. So last night I was like ‘get yourself to bed early, you’ve got a big day tomorrow, you’re a bit run down’ and I had eight-and-a-half hours and I feel amazing today! You really have to just stop, switch off the phone, the computer, the TV, and get yourself to bed early to replenish yourself with a good night’s sleep. It’s the most important thing.”

This new range contains botanical oils. What are your favourite essential oils?

“I love lavender, I think it’s a really beautiful, calming essence and I love juniper, orange blossom, all of those citrusy ones like lemongrass. My little boy has a bit of a runny nose at the moment so I’ve been adding a bit of rosemary to the vaporiser in his room.”


When do you feel at your most confident and content?

“It’s changed a lot over the years, but at the moment there’s a beautiful warm fuzzy feeling I get when I put my son down at night and I’m feeding him his bottle. It’s the end of the day, it’s pitch black, I’ve got him in my arms, it’s quiet, I can feel him breathing, he’s happy and content. That’s when I feel pretty confident as an individual because I’m keeping this human alive and happy and he’s had a great day and he’s healthy. I feel like I’m doing a good job. It’s like, ‘OK we’ve gotten through another day as a family and we’re all doing amazingly well’. It’s just a really, really lovely feeling.”

Where’s your favourite place on earth to escape into nature?

“There are a few places. I do absolutely rate Gwinganna Health Retreat as one of those places to get amongst nature and replenish your soul. Daylesford in Victoria is absolutely gorgeous, and so are the Blue Mountains in NSW, and Margaret River southwest of Perth. I actually love going to those places more in the colder months. There’s just something about the freshness of the air and the smell and cracking fireplaces. You recharge in a different way when you get amongst nature in winter.”

GET PURE: L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise is a premium, sulphate-free haircare range enriched with natural botanicals and free from common harsh and drying ingredients, meaning a lot more natural TLC for your tresses. The range comes in four different collections: Pure Colour (for coloured hair), Ever Strong (for damaged hair), Ultra Rich (for dry hair) and Super Sleek (for frizzy hair). For more details visit here.

Watch Megan embrace ‘body, mind, soul’ in this beautiful campaign video here.

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