Menstrual cycle issues? Balance your periods with herbs

Herbal medicine is one of the most natural and effective ways to bring your body back into balance and harmony. Herbs are gentle, supportive and absorbed quickly. Your body recognises them as a food, as that’s exactly what they are: plants, roots, bulbs, bark, flowers, berries and seeds. Nature has given us the tools, now we just need to appreciate the value they provide. Here are some of the herbs I prescribe my clients to help balance their cycles. I also use kinesiology to ensure the herb is the exact right fit. As with all herbal medicine it is important that these herbs be taken in the right dose and duration, so seeking advice from your naturopath is a great idea.

VitexChaste Tree (also known as Vitex)

One of my favourite and most-used herbs for balancing female hormones. It normalises the cycle. This means it’ll lengthen a short cycle or shorten a long cycle. This beautiful herb is wonderful for reducing the emotional symptoms of PMS such as irritability. It can also help with breasts, spotting and erratic or painful periods. Chaste tree can also be good for premenstrual acne or acne when you’ve stopped taking the pill. I usually prescribe this herb as soon as one of my female clients comes off the pill, so we can help regulate her cycle.

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This Ayurvedic herb is one of the most important restorative and regenerative tonic herbs for women. A tonic for the entire female reproductive system, it can help improve fertility and low libido. It can also increase lactation (breast milk production) in new mothers. Shatavari is also nourishing, detoxifying and calming; helping raise the body’s resistance to stress.

White Peony

I use this beautiful herb for women with PCOS (in combination with Licorice) as well as in cases of painful, irregular or heavy periods. White Peony is a mild muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory. It can also help improve memory, concentration and mental performance.


This detoxifying herb helps regulate the female reproductive system, relieving painful periods and balancing excessive oestrogen levels. It’s also wonderful for the digestive system and great for acne as it’s a beautiful anti-inflammatory herb and a lymphatic cleanser. It also stimulates the immune system and helps the body fight infection.

Ladies Mantle

This wonderful herb is used to help reduce very heavy periods. It’s also useful to help stimulate your cycle when you’ve missed periods.

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