Mindfulness: the simple trick to eating less and enjoying more

Mindfulness might sound like a hippie concept. But it’s really just getting present. It’s easy to be on auto-pilot and go about our day-to-day lives without really living. So mindfulness is about paying attention to what you’re doing and soaking up every moment, rather than letting your mind race ahead, worrying about the next thing you’re going to do.

The same things apply to food. When you’re shopping pick ingredients you really want to cook with; touch them and smell them. When you’re cooking, notice the textures and the colours. Inhale the smells and make it all part of the experience. Try to zone in so your mind is relaxed. I love listening to classical or quirky folk music when I’m preparing food. It not only helps to keep you calm but I find it also encourages creativity as well. I believe that food is here to nourish us and to share with the people we love. So try putting some loving energy into the preparation of your meals, whether you’re making them for yourself, your friends or family.

When it’s time to eat, turn off the TV and sit at the table. Try chewing slowly and for longer than you normally would. This not only enhances the experience but also aids digestion and the body’s absorption of nutrients. Put your fork down often. Try to notice and pick out all the flavours. You’ll also find you feel much fuller faster because your brain has time to process your meal.

If you still think it all sounds a bit hippie, just trust me. When you tap into this mindfulness thing it really can change the way you eat, and the way you experience life in general. For something so simple, the benefits can be pretty amazing. Being mindful is also such a positive and grateful way to live.