Detox tips to kickstart your week!

Detox tips, detox monday, sarah ranawake, stylish wellbeing by sarah ranawake

For me living a healthy and happy life is all about balance. To me that doesn’t mean shunning social occasions and living in a wellness bubble of smoothies and meditation. But rather embracing all the awesome experiences life has to offer, trying to make the healthiest choices possible and being kind to yourself when you slip up. Today marks the start of March Into Merivale, and I’m so excited about the fact that Sporteluxe is the official media partner for their Detox Monday events. To celebrate I thought I’d share my top five detox tips to help you beat that weekend hangover and get your wellness back on track!

1. Sunday session turned out to be a bit bigger than you originally anticipated? Rehydation is key. Drinking lots of water is obviously important. You may also have heard how great coconut water is for fighting a hangover too. It’s packed with electrolytes and potassium, two things your body needs right now. However, if you really want to give your body some detox love, my top tip is to mix coconut water with some green superfoods. Either add green superfoods to a coconut water smoothie or just blend coconut water with greens powder. Either take my word for it or click here  to find out why this combo is so amazing for you.

2. Avoid the temptation of greasy takeaway and make your own hangover-busting breakfast of eggs and tomatoes with gluten-free toast. Oats toped with banana would be another great option. And if you have some B vitamins at home be sure to pop one of those too.

3. Movement is great for detoxification. But if your body is already feeling fragile smashing yourself with a grueling gym session isn’t the best idea. Try a yoga class instead. Every Monday during March into Merivale lululemon athletica will be presenting Yoga By the Pool at 6pm at ivy Pool Club. My multi-talented Sporteluxe business partner Bianca Cheah (who is also a qualified yoga teacher) will be co-hosting one of these free classes alongside our yoga expert Kate Kendall. A sunset, sweet tunes and some sun salutations – what better way could there be to kick off a healthy week?

4. Continue the clean eating you embraced at breakfast with a healthy dinner. The Detox Monday menu options on offer during March Into Merivale are nourishing and seriously delicious. Think the likes of steamed snapper with tomato-chilli water at Coogee Pavilion or poached chicken with raw zucchini at Uccello. Washed down with a Sporteluxe mocktail, of course, which is a heavenly combo of cold-pressed grapefruit juice, honey and tonic water. Healthy hedonism indeed!

5. Lastly, go to bed at a decent hour so you get a good night’s sleep. Then wake up early feeling revitalised and set the tone for a fit and healthy week with a morning sweat session on Tuesday!