Mood boosting properties of fresh flowers

I love to start my week with a fresh bunch of flowers. I can excuse the weekly expense as it makes such a difference to my mood for the whole week. I just feel happier when there are flowers and greenery in the room. I also love to have fun with flowers by playing around with creative ways to display them. For example, right now I have a couple of carnations sitting on my desk in a glass Antipodes water bottle. Simple but effective!

Of course, when it comes to bigger arrangements I leave that to the professionals.

Rheannon Lee Floral Designs is one of my favourite florists. Rheannon’s beautiful shop in Sydney’s Clovelly is just bursting with colour. She is constantly updating the window with amazing sculptural-like displays. I sat down with the beautiful and bubby Rheannon to talk all things floral.

What drew you to becoming a florist?

I always loved flowers from a young age and I love making people happy. Handing over a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or creating events that make people smile is really motivating.

What influence can a floral arrangement have on an interior space?

It can change the entire look and feel of a room. Adding colour and vibrancy to a blank empty space can really make an area come to life.

Do you think flowers can effect people’s moods and emotions?

I think flowers really make an impact on how a person is feeling. I have been told a few times that I’ve “made someone’s day” just with what I have created. If you are having a bad day, or you want to let someone know what they mean to you flowers are a great way to do it. Imagine if more people gave each other flowers for no other reason than to just be thoughtful?

Flowers are often also a sensory experience as well as a visual one. Do you think that is a key part of their mood-boosting properties?

Definitely. The fragrance of a certain flowers can have quite a strong link to your memory. It can instantly take you back to the time you first smelt the particular flower. Perhaps it was something that grew in your garden as a child or maybe it was your nanna’s favourite flower. A lot of men come in to the shop on their anniversary wanting the same flowers used on their wedding day, as they still remember the smells of that day.

How do you to keep flowers looking fresh and ensure they last a long time?

The key is fresh water everyday! I know that sounds crazy, but give it a try and see how much longer your flowers last with clean water. Trust me, you’ll be surprised! Cutting the stems of the flowers every second day also helps. Also all the foliage should be removed from the stems before placing them into the water. Leaves carry bacteria and can shorten the longevity of the flowers.

Do you believe that certain flowers have meanings behind them?

Yes… 100%. Colours evoke different moods and so do flowers. Pink can be associated with happiness.  Purple is for celebrating success. Red is for passionate love. Yellow is symbolic of friendship. But you don’t have to stick to the rules. Bringing a mix of colours together can really create an energetic feel to the room.

Do you think flowers are a suitable gift for men? If so, what do you suggest?

Yes I do think flowers are a nice gift for men. You would be surprised as to how many flowers are sent to men for birthdays, anniversaries or Father’s Day which is just around the corner! I always love giving flowers to my dad. Even though he doesn’t admit it, I know secretly deep down he loves it.

Apart from your standard glass vase, what are some unique ways you display floral arrangements at home?

You can use jugs, urns, bottles and even tin cans if you want to! My rule is, if it can hold water, it will work! I love coming up with new ideas for the shop front window. Flowers in gumboots has to be one of my most kooky yet successful ideas.

Any floral trends you’re loving right?

The flower world is constantly changing, one day it could be roses the next hydrangeas. Hydrangeas have been slowly coming back into fashion. They were considered quite an old fashioned flower for a while. When they are in full bloom they fly out the door. The same with baby’s breath on its own, it looks stunning!

For more floral inspiration follow Rheanonn on Instagram @RheannonLeeFloralDesigns

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From L to R: Old Bucket:, Tea pots: lushome.comon my desk using Antipodes bottle: mialakeinterior

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Newspaper basket:, belt wrapped vase:, citrus fruits in the base:

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Roped wrapped vase:, Jonathan Adler vase:, floral cones:
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