More heart energy is what we need right now

sarah ranawake
Photography Heidi Boardman
Sarah wears lululemon athletica

I don’t know any Sydneysider, or Australian for that matter, who hasn’t been deeply affected by the events which took place in Martin Place at the start of the week. Shocked, saddened, scared…these are just a few of the emotions we’ve all felt as observers of this tragedy. So it’s hard to even imagine what the victims and their families and friends are going through.

However, this isn’t yet a blog about hate, sadness and division. It’s about love, hope and unity. Let me explain by sharing a story.

Conscious Club is a group that hosts incredible events filled with amazing speakers, inspirational films and group mediations. If you’ve never been to one of their events before I thoroughly recommend you check them out. Anyway, one of their past events I attended was based around the theme of living from the heart. Sounds like a bit of a hippie topic, right? Except the guest speaker at the event was from a US scientific organisation called HeartMath which has been researching and developing technology to track the energy of the human heart for over two decades. Now, I’m no scientist (by any means!) so I won’t attempt to explain in detail what HeartMath do. I’ll just give you the gist of what Howard Martin, the guest speaker said in this fascinating talk, which was that each of our hearts emit an electromagnetic energy. This energy can actually be scientifically measured as extending outside of our bodies. Yep, you read that right outside of our bodies. This energy can also vary greatly depending on factors like our emotional state and stress levels. So you know when people talk about someone having a “good energy” about them? Turns out there is science to back those feelings up!

However, what I found even more interesting was the fact that HeartMath also track this heart energy on a global scale. And they’ve found that when certain major emotional events happen there is a noticeable shift in the world’s collective heart energy. This not only applies to joyous occasions like a royal wedding but also in the wake of major tragedies like September 11. The reason? These kinds of horrific events not only highlight the worst sides of humanity, but they can also highlight the best. They have the power to unite people together in an outpouring of love, support and solidarity. To prompt us to hold our loved ones even closer. To remind us of what’s important and to put trivial things into perspective.

After seeing the outpouring of emotion on social media over the last few days and the poignant #IWillRideWithYou hashtag, I remembered this HeartMath Conscious Club talk last night. And it got me thinking. Maybe the same thing is happening in Sydney (and around Australia) right now in the wake of the siege. It’s a nice thing to consider, especially in the lead up to the festive season. That no matter what our race or religion, we can all be drawn together as peace loving Aussies. Not in fear and helplessness, but in love, if we just keep hope filled energy in our hearts.

Sare x