Movember is back!


Every hour in Australia, more than four men die from potentially preventable conditions. Prostate, testicular and skin cancers are the leading culprits but depression is also a silent struggle for many men.

So from now on, please show some respect for every moustache you see during Movember and beyond. From grand handlebars to small stubble, they are all a hairy reminder to look after yourself and your mates. And here are a few more reminders! Because a couple of awkward minutes once a year could save a life

* Schedule a yearly all-over health check up every Movember so you never forget.
* Spark a conversation with your mates. Make it cool and comfortable to talk about mental and physical health. Bottling things up only cause greater issues.
* Grill your dad and grandfather about their health history. Help your doctor out and keep a record of anything out of the ordinary. Knowledge is power!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and wild Movember!

Roz Kelly is a proud Movember ambassador. Click here to join her Movember campaign and help change the face of men’s health.

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Roz Kelly Morkel
Roz Kelly Morkel is a reformed highly-stressed, highly-caffeinated TV reporter reincarnated as a holistic health and wellness coach. In her past life as a full-time sports reporter and host, Roz travelled the globe covering the world’s biggest events such as the London Olympics, Tour de France, Rugby World Cup, Surfing World Tour, international cricket and Commonwealth Games. This earned Roz multiple awards nominations for her tireless coverage and blazing a trail for women in sport. Life was a blur of 3am wake up calls for breakfast programs, huge hours, non-stop travel, intense deadlines and shoving anything available to eat in her mouth while on the run. She lived in the “fight or flight” stressed zone for years. It took adrenal fatigue to bring about a shakeup in priorities and lifestyle change. Now in a blissful new chapter, living between Australia and South Africa, Roz is making health and wellness simple and fun for other busy people. She is also a proud member of the International Green Smoothie Appreciation Society.