My favourite part of the day!

It’s no secret that I love yoga; if you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen me doing a few poses. I think a lot of people underestimate the benefits of yoga. They presume that it’s just all about flexibility and is somewhat hippie. But, I’m here to tell you that it’s no. Yoga is about so much more and you’ll never realise the benefits until you actually start to practice it yourself.

Having started Vinyasa yoga only five months ago with kate Kendall from Flow Athletic, yoga has now become part of my daily life. Not only has it completely changed the shape of my body, but also my wellbeing and how I think. The continual movements from one pose to another have also given me cardiovascular benefits. A routine practice has increased my muscle strength, endurance and flexibility while reducing my stress levels.

Most importantly, yoga is my time where I can forget about the day’s work and just be in the moment and flow. That’s why it’s my favourite part of the day!

Wearing: 2XU long sleeved top from 2XU, Adidas By Stella McCartney tights and Nike Studio Wraps from Stylerunner, Nike+ Sports Watch from Nike.