Nail your manicure with these on-trend colours

Winter anil colours

The chilly season is an abundance of toasty fireplaces, delicious slow-cooked meals, layers of warm winter colours, woollen throws splayed over the end of your bed and long steamy baths with essential oils, but did you know that just as fashion has its seasonal trends, so too do the colours you paint onto your fingers and tootsies.

Our friends at The Parlour Room in Clovelly, Sydney, have shared with us the most on-trend colours you should be rocking on your nails this winter – an array of radical and classic hues, all inspired by nature. So say goodbye to the sunny yellows and warm sunset peaches of last summer and take inspiration from cooler colours. Expect to see lots of beautiful earthy mauves, fireplace vibrant reds, light woolly greys and warm tonal beiges on fashion-forward nail colour enthusiasts this season.

Nail your winter manicure with these 5 great health-conscious colours!

We love these nail varnishes from COAT (available at The Parlour Room) as they contain absolutely NO toulene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP or camphor) and are cruelty free.

Coat nail polish, The Parlour Room

Tone: Navy

Coat colour: Disturbia

Coat nail polish, The Parlour Room


Tone: Grey

Coat colour: Concrete Jungle


Coat nail polish, The Parlour Room

Tone: Red

Coat colour: Wildest dreams

Coat nail polish, The Parlour Room

Tone: Beige

Coat colour: Need A Tan

Mauve nail polish, winter colours, The Parlour Room

Tone: Mauve

Coat colour: Merlot