Natural beauty! Try Lola Berry’s foodie face masks!

Skin in need of a little TLC? Try getting creative with the ingredients in your pantry! Here, are my top foodie face mask recipes.


For oily complexions

Try mixing egg whites with the juice of half a lemon. This has an astringent effect on skin. My other top trick would be to avoid over-washing your face. Frequent elimination of oils actually causes more to build up.


For dry and winter-parched skin

Melt a little coconut oil, then add in some avocado, a little oats and some mashed banana. This combo will put nourish your skin and put some much needed oils back into your dermis. It also soothes at the same time because of the addition of the oats. Oh, and it tastes pretty damn good too if you lick your fingers after applying it!

BerriesFor those concerned about premature aging

Mix honey and raw cacao with some mashed berries. Try going for organic if you can, otherwise they could sting if you have sensitive skin. I learnt this the hard way! The combo of berries and cacao gives your skin a great antioxidant hit. This means it’s brilliant for helping to combat the visible signs of aging and prevent free-radical damage. My other top tip? Drink loads of water. Yes, it’s been said a million times before. But that’s because it works wonders!


For refreshing your skin after a big night out

Try mixing some mashed avocado with oats and honey. This combo is just magic. First, you’ve got the fat from the avo to smooth and replenish. Then you’ve got the honey which has antioxidants and antibacterial properties. So it will combat any damaged that’s been caused from night before. Plus, the oats give your skin a really gentle exfoliation. Lastly, try popping some cold camomile tea bags over your eyes to soothe and refresh your tired peepers while the mask does its thing. You’ll soon be feeling (and looking!) as good as new

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