Natural solutions for your biggest spring hair worries

There aren’t many amongst us who aren’t excited to see the first signs of spring (even avid skiers and cosy fireplace lovers have to admit there’s something magical about the approaching balmy weather).

But as beautiful as the changing season may be, it doesn’t necessarily equate to beautiful hair. Winter’s harsh elements and indoor heating often leave our locks looking the worst for wear. But help is at hand! Here are five ways to help bring your hair out of the winter darkness and prepare it for the warmer months to come.

How to repair soon-to-be gorgeous spring locks

1. Ease up on over-styling 

Winter is the time to style your hair to perfection to protect it from being beaten about by chilled wind and central heating. Spring on the other hand brings with it connotations of softer, more relaxed, tousled locks, whatever their length. Give your mane a break, and yourself a fresh warm weather look, by leaving your blow-dryer out of the equation and letting your tresses run wild and free. As an added bonus, just think about the time you’ll save in the mornings.

L'oreal, Megan Gale

2. Reverse the winter colour drab

The sulphates in many traditional hair care products can strip your hair of colour leaving it dull, lifeless and flat. L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise PureColour Radiant Colour & Volume Shampoo and Conditioner will help lock in vibrant colour and add volume if your hair could literally do with some more ‘spring’. It belongs to the popular new premium Hair Expertise range, fronted by the stunning Megan Gale, which is sulphate-free, enriched with natural botanicals and from harsh or drying ingredients. It’s ideal because it comes in four different product groups to suit every type of hair – PureColour (for coloured hair), EverStrong (for damaged locks), UltraRich (for dry hair) and SuperSleek (when frizz is an issue).

3. Show those brittle ends some TLC

The ends of your hair withstand a lot during winter, meaning spring is the time to show them a little more love. Brittle, split ends don’t look fabulous in any season, but are especially noticeable if you’re not styling your hair as much – or if you’re trying to grow it throughout spring or summer. If, like us, you prefer to stick to natural products as much as possible, try hydrating your hair with L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise EverStrong Strengthening & Repairing Mask Treatment, which is great for hydrating and repairing brittle, split ends.

4. Be smart with supplements

Give your hair and nails a helping hand with a great quality supplement each morning to promote strong nails, healthy hair and skin – after all, it’s no wives tale that beauty partly happens from the inside out. If you’re not sure which of the many brands to opt for, ask a naturopath. It’s not uncommon now for many organic supermarkets (such as About Life) and holistic pharmacies to have an in-house naturopath happy to answer your questions.

4. Show static who’s boss

No one wants to make friends with static, which can be a common problem during the transition from winter to spring. As a rule of thumb, the more moisturised your hair, the less a problem static is. Serums are the ideal way to add extra moisture. We love L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise SuperSleek Smoothing Blow-Dry Mist, which creates long-lasting, smooth hair and protects it from damage caused by heat styling tools.

TIP: Want more seasonal hair tips and inspiration? Visit here for our interview with supermodel Megan Gale, who is the face of L’Oreal Paris’ Hair Expertise range of sulphate-free, botanical oil-based luxury hair products and the related Beauty of Pure campaign, which emphasises the importance of nourishing our minds, bodies and souls if we want to be naturally healthy.

Watch Megan Gale in the inspirational Beauty of Pure spring ’15 campaign video here.

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Loreal hair expertise

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Words by Emily Sharp

A dedicated story for L’Oreal Paris

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