Natural sunburn cure! Try these soothing aloe vera and chamomile ice blocks

Warmer weekends mean that we’re all digging deep in to our drawers to pull out the bikinis and board shorts that have been in hibernation. But with the season of beach visits and barbeques soon upon us, we also have to keep in mind that the Aussie sun is growing stronger.

Let’s face it, even the most diligent sun safety devotees among us have been guilty of getting a little too much sun at times. And then paid the price with a wallop of sunburn! But luckily there’s a natural way to relieve the burn and improve skin healing should you overstay your welcome in the sun!

Aloe vera products are everywhere – in sprays, gels, and creams – but in my opinion nothing beats fresh aloe. However, it can even be improved upon with the addition of a few key herbs. I make these healing ice blocks up in advance and keep them in the freezer. That way I have them handy if someone needs something soothing and cooling to apply to their skin after an extra-long arvo on the sand!

aloe vera plant  Aloe camomile

Aloe and chamomile ice blocks

You’ll need

  • 2 mature aloe vera leaves (this succulent is pretty easy to grow, and I think we all have a friend or family member who has one in their garden)
  • 1/4 cup chamomile flowers (both dried or fresh work).
  • Optional: peppermint essential oil.


  1.  Slice the aloe leaves open lengthways and scoop out the gel. Be careful only to get the clear gel, as the rest of the leaf can actually be a little irritating to skin!
  2. Throw it in a blender with the chamomile. We all know this herb for it’s calming effects, but it’s also a lovely anti-inflammatory and blitz until smooth.
  3. Pour the mix in to an ice cube tray and, if you’d like, add a drop of peppermint essential oil. You can add any oil you’d like really, but peppermint is known as a refrigerant herb. This means that it will complement the cooling effect of the ice and keep irritated skin feeling cooler for longer.
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Reece Carter
Gym junkie, clean-eating cook, gardener, and massive herb-nerd, Reece Carter had been interested in natural health for several years when it dawned on him that he could actually make it a career! With a Bachelor of Health Science under his belt and two years of clinical practice, Reece sees clients from the Naturopathic Collective of Australia in Melbourne. Areas of particular focus for Reece include gut health, allergies, weight management, stress and mood disorders. Individualised advice is the name of the game for Reece, and he truly believes that natural health needs to be aimed at the whole person (and not just the condition) to be effective. He works extensively with nutrition and believes that there is no ‘one size fits all’ diet for optimum health. His real passion though, is herbal medicine. With a YouTube channel that teaches the basics of herbal medicine, Reece has a big dream of empowering you to learn how to make your own home herbal remedies. Reece also recently co-founded a hand-crafted herbal tea brand called SUM T. Each of the SUM T. blends are designed by Reece and reflect his love of herbal medicine.