Do you have an oily T zone or oily skin?

A deep cleanse is a great way to to rid your skin of impurities and start the day fresh faced. Grease and grime can build up during the day meaning your pores will clog, breakouts and blackheads can develop and all that cleansing this morning has come to nothing.

The Neutrogena Deep Clean range keeps your skin softer, smoother and cleaner all day long by eliminating oil, dirt and makeup and gets right inside your pores for a true deep cleanse. Deep Clean leaves no residue and keeps your skin fresh for longer. Deep Clean features Salicylic acid to get rid of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, and then targets whats inside your pores  for an even thorough deep clean leaving your skin clear and beautiful all day long without drying.

Neutrogena Deep Clean is available from all major supermarkets, pharmacies and specialist stores including Target, Big W and Priceline.