NIKE athlete Anna Flanagan’s healthy guide to Perth

She’s one of Australia’s most feted sportspeople right now (click here to see why), a lifestyle fashion icon and one of the chosen few who can claim the title of NIKE athlete, having featured alongside local sporting heroes in a content series that gives us a rare glimpse of their lifestyle out of the spotlight to celebrate the latest Nike Tech Pack release. We spoke to Canberra-born Hockeyroo and field hockey World Player of the Year 2013, Anna Flanagan, who moved to Perth to join the national team at age 18, about her adopted home city, why we should all visit and where we might actually cross paths with her once we’re there.

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Anna Flanagan’s healthy guide to Perth

Q: How long have you lived in Perth and what do you love most about it?

“I’ve lived in Perth for five years and I love the weather and the beaches. They are probably some of the best beaches in the world, so we’re really lucky.”

Q: How is it most different to your home city of Canberra?

“Perth is much bigger than Canberra, and getting used to the heat was hard too! I still feel like I’m always on holiday in Perth because of the amazing beaches, but I do still miss Canberra.”

Q: Favourite place to eat? Anna Flanagan

John’s Café in Cottesloe Beach. They do the best breakfast!”

Q: Best juice bar?

Boost Juice for now, but there is a new place opening soon that I can’t wait to try.”

Q: Favourite brunch spot?

“The Naked Fig in Swanbourne Beach.”

Q: Favourite outdoor workout location?

“Just outside City Beach there’s a grassy hill that overlooks the beach where a lot of people work out.”

Q: Favourite gym or yoga, Pilates or class studio?

“I go to yoga at Twisting Peacock in Osborne Park.”

Q: Where can you get the best coffee in town?

The Beaufort Street Merchant in Mount Lawley.”

Perth rottenestQ: Favourite shopping area or retail store?

“In Leederville, they have great little boutiques and great clothing. It’s a really trendy area.”

Q: Where are we most likely to find you on a Saturday night?

“There are some really nice outdoor bars and restaurants at Cottesloe. There’s one called the Beach Club that we go to quite a bit.”

Q: Where are we most likely to find you on a Sunday morning?

“If I’m not sleeping in on a Sunday morning you can find me in Subiaco at the cafes there.”

Q: Can you suggest three great places visitors might want to stay?

Rottnest Island is amazing; the Beach Hotel in Cottesloe; Fremantle!”

Q: What are some ‘must see, do or visit’ things you’d recommend to visitors?

“Visit Fremantle Prison; there are a few different tours that are really interesting. Get the ferry to Rottnest Island and have a look at the quokkas. Go for a walk in Kings Park; you’ll find the best view of the city.”

Q: What should any holidaymaker remember to bring with them when they come?

“Bring sunscreen, it gets very hot!”

You can visit Anna’s website here or follow her on Instagram here.

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