NIKE master trainer Kirsty Godso’s off duty secrets

It’s no secret Nike Master Trainer, Kirsty Godso provides us with an infinite source of #fitspo here at Sporteluxe HQ. Her lean legs and toned physique are the envy of women across the world. But what does a poster girl for constant movement like Kirsty do to wind down on her days off? We chatted to her about her off duty antics, especially when she’s back home in her beloved Auckland.

A sneak peek into Kirsty Godso’s typical ‘day off’

Q: How long has Auckland been home?

“Always – I was born and raised here.”

Q: Which are your days off and how do you spend them?

“Sunday is the one day that I don’t train other people but it’s not typically a day off for me, quite the opposite actually! To be honest I’m not great at taking days off in general, but when I do opt for some down time you can usually find me hanging out with my friends at our favourite cafes or playing basketball.”

Kirsty Godso

Q: What do you do to relax or switch off?

“I love listening to hip-hop music or trying out different forms of exercise outside of my typical regime, such as yoga or advanced stretching classes.”

Q: Describe your off-duty style and your go-to outfit.

“Often I like to pair some of my favourite jeans or printed Nike Pro training tights with a pair of Nike Air Huaraches or Air Max, then always a big hoodie. I love the Nike Tech Pack range because the hoods are so big and the material is super soft. For me, the bigger the hood, the better.”

Q: How do you think growing up in Auckland shaped who you are today?

“I had an action-packed childhood. I grew up mostly in the country so I had a lot of animals and motorbikes and played a lot of sport. I think this really shaped my obsession with being so active.”

Q: Where’s your favourite place for breakfast with girlfriends? 

“Dizengoff is my absolute favourite breakfast spot. They do the BEST coffee and food and the staff are really friendly.”

Q: Can you share your top five ‘must visit’ spots for health-focused, first-time travellers to Auckland?

  1. “For breakfast or lunch you definitely want to go to Dizengoff, Catroux and Dear Jervois. They all have incredible menus that are really healthy and full of flavour.”
  2. “If you want to go out for a nice dinner that has the experience of fine dining but a menu that isn’t going to steer you away from your healthy routines, try Masu or Euro. They have endless gluten-free and Paleo options.”
  3. “If you’re looking for a spot of exercise while you’re here, try Barre Figure for a really challenging barre class that will have you sweating and smiling at the same time.”
  4. “The Raw Kitchen: this café is completely focused around raw wellness. It has amazing juices, raw cakes and vegan salads and other food. I can highly recommend their salted caramel torte.”
  5. “Uptown Bounce: this boutique trampoline park is perfect if you’re traveling with young ones or if you’re just up for some fun. They have dodgeball, good coffee and great music – you’re never too old for trampolines.”

Kirsty Godso Q: Where are we most likely to find you on a Saturday night? 

“In my track pants at home – no joke!”

Q: Do you have a favourite ‘secret spot’ in Auckland where escape to get away from it all?

“I love to go to some of the quieter beaches just north of Auckland where I can just read my book and swim in peace.”

Q: Do you have an off-duty guilty pleasure? 

“Definitely – watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Q: How often are you on a plane for work and what do you love most about travelling the world so much? 

“There are times when I am at the airport twice a week. This year I spent the majority of time from January to September travelling outside New Zealand for Nike, which was so much fun. I struggle a bit with the sitting still on planes but really love the travel, exploring other countries and cities, and learning about their relationships with exercise. It has been incredible to see so many new places this year and meet amazing people that I get to share my passion for health and wellbeing with.”

Q: Does it ever get lonely when you’re travelling alone?

“I am usually travelling with fellow Nike Master Trainers, so it’s non-stop sweating and smiling the whole time. They are the best bunch of girls to travel with and are some of my dearest friends. Occasionally I will feel a bit lonely when I’m flying by myself or waiting in airports but my iPhone is a saviour because I can easily keep up with all of my friends on social media or FaceTime – I even FaceTime my cat!”

Q: If you could take anyone hiking in New Zealand for a day, who would it be with and where?

“I’d like to take Michael Jordan on the Abel Tasman walk, then talk him into playing a basketball game afterwards. He is one of the athletes I am most inspired by so I would love to talk to him about his commitment, focus and [what he’s learned] over his career.”

Q: Do you ever dream of calling anywhere other than Auckland home?

“I really love the USA! It would be a dream to live in New York, Los Angeles or Portland. There are so many incredible gyms and healthy places to go in these cities and I’m endlessly inspired when I’m there. Otherwise, closer to home, it would be Sydney. I love the beaches, the food, and a lot of my best friends are there. I travel there so often I feel like I half live there already.”


Yoga or Meditation? Yoga

Coffee or juice? Coffee

Holiday: sunbed or SUP? SUP

Trainers or heels? Trainers

Bikini or one-piece? Bikini

Tights or tracksuit? Both!

Cocktail date or breakfast date? Breakfast date

Drama or comedy? Drama

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset

Ear buds or headphones? Ear buds

Party or DVD? DVD

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