Nike Tiempo: The Iconic Shoe’s Are Back With An Attitude!

Made famous by world class Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho, the Nike Tiempo’s are back, but with a far more superior attitude than before.

Did you know it all began with the Tiempo shoe over two decades ago? Both iconic, these performance shoes have shaped some of the best footballers the world has ever seen and have since become a soccer icon. So in celebration of the shoes, Nike has looked back and have redesigned the previous iconic’s to create the all new Nike Tiempo ’94 and Nike Tiempo Legend V.

Inspired by the heritage of the boot that started it all, the all new Nike Tiempo 94′ are a stylish and exciting everyday kick, while the Tiempo Legend V is a classic boot that brings new innovation to the game with its black and white colour palette.

Out now, both styles reaffirm Nike’s importance of design and the future of football.

Tiempo 1 Tiempo 2 Tiempo 3