Nine healthy travel essentials to pack

Travelling doesn’t have to mean you forget your health, skincare and beauty routine. These top travel essentials will keep you feeling fresh and looking gorgeous no matter where you are!


·        Body Science, Immugreens Vegan SuperfoodNatural skincare to take on the flight in mini bottles. Think rosehip oil and rose water spray to spritz throughout the flight.

·        Healthy travel snacks. Check out these healthy in-flight snack ideas

·        Exercise gear! Not exactly what you might think of on holiday, but exercise is the best way to boost your mood and energy levels so it makes sense to make it a priority when you’re away.

·        Sachets of greens powder for those days where you may not get all your veggies in.

·        Organic dark chocolate. So much nicer (and healthier!) than raiding the hotel mini bar.

·        Valerian tablets to help you fall asleep and overcome jet lag without the drowsy feeling of sleeping tablets.

·        St Mary’s thistle tablets. This beautiful herb improves liver function. Very helpful for recovering from any extra holiday vino!

·        Aesop hand sanitizerNatural rinse-free hand sanitizer.

·        A notebook or journal. The best ideas come often come to us when we’re on holiday as the distance gives you a wonderful perspective to reflect on your life. Writing and journaling are also great ways to allow yourself to see more clearly and de-clutter your brain if it takes you a few days to switch off.

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