Organic & sustainability are at the heart of this new juicery

Are you after a health-shot in the heart of Hong Kong? Visit Soho’s new kid on the block, Catch Juicery.

Celebrating its grand opening this month, this trendy juice bar has quickly set itself apart from the rest, being one of the first juicing companies in Hong Kong to offer 100% certified organic produce.

Founded by two friends from very different backgrounds (hospitality and Wall Street) but with a shared love of wholesome produce, Catch was built out of a desire for ‘healthy living through conscious nutrition’ –  an ethos that is reflected in every aspect of the business.

From the use of cold-pressed production methods which maximises nutrient and vitamin extraction, to the choice of glass for packaging, which is better equipped to preserve shelf-life, nutrients and taste, as well as being the easiest to recycle, sustainability is undoubtedly at the heart of the brand.

Catch juicery, Hong Kong Cold pressed juiceAt Catch you’ll find only the freshest ingredients, with drinks made daily and delivered to the store every morning. They offer an extensive menu of superfood smoothies and cold-pressed juices, as well as coconut water poured straight from the nut.

The brains behind the recipes is Hollywood-born, celebrity nutritionist, Lisa Defazio, who was dedicated to creating delicious, balanced drinks in conjunction with recommended daily nutrition needs. Try the popular Muscle Beach – almond mylk, banana, blueberry, cacao and chocolate plant-based protein – or go green with Skinny Jeans – cucumber, spinach, parsley, Himalayan salt, spirulina, celery – or  (for the ful-blown health nut) you can literally have a nip of nutrition with a shot of wheatgrass or organic live algae.

If you’re after something solid, they provide a selection of daily fresh salads or alternatively you can go the other way and try the full detox experience of Catch’s 1 – 6 day cleanses.

To get a taste for Catch Juicery check out their menu and order online or visit 67 Wellington St, Central for the real deal.

Catch Juicery

Address: 67 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong