Pale denim styling tips from Bianca Cheah

Photography by Images By Chantel | Bianca wears: Atmos & Here jeans, Bonds Light denim chambray button up shirt, adidas high top sneakers, Arhlem sunglasses from Blood Orange in Sydney, Kirsten Ash rose gold necklace, Moshi black macbook air case.

Running from work meeting, to shoot, to office and to gym is all part my standard work day, so choosing an outfit that is comfortable, light and easy to move in is super important. You’ll never catch me wearing heels (unless there’s a really important event on that evening), but you’ll usually find on my feet whatever sporty-luxe sneakers I’m loving that moment. For clothes, I really love to wear jeans and a shirt and at the moment, and at the moment, pale denim features heavily most days. Here’s an example of my typical weekday outfit, fusing fitness and fashion, and why it will work for you too.

Bianca Cheah’s sporty-luxe styling tips:

The Shirt

Pale blue denim is so on-trend at the moment. I like to mix this tone with a contrasting colour on the legs, white jeans in this instance. I’m not one really for the double denim look (I think I look like a blue telly tubby), but an airy, easy-to-move in shirt that I don’t have to pull and tug at is key. I also go by that old styling rule of pairing with opposites. So if I have a loose top on like this Bonds Light denim chambray button up shirt, then I’d pair the bottom half of my body with a slim pair of pants. And vice versa. So my tip is to have the shirt out and just tuck the front part of it into your pants so your legs look longer.

The Pants

I know you probably think that white pants equal unflattering (fat) legs. But if you find the right fit and style them correctly, than they can actually look really slimming. For these Atmos & Here jeans I folded the bottoms of the pants up two folds. This then shows your ankles and creates a slimmer shape to the legs. But make sure you don’t wear high ankle boots with them or you risk your legs look like fat sausages (oops!).

The Accessories

I like my accessories to go with my outfits and to be different from everyone else with my own style. That being said, I’m loving my Moshi black Macbook Air case; I actually get lots of comments on it. It’s different and stylish and as a bonus, it goes with my rose gold Nike Fuel Band, which I was lucky enough to get my hands on last year in the USA. (Only a limited number were made and they were never released in Australia). Then of course, there’s my Rose Gold iPhone 6 and rose gold Kirsten Ash necklace. What can I say? … I have a thing for rose gold! It’s a bonus they match my Nike Fuel Band.

The Shoes

If you’re short (like I am) then go for a pair of wedged sneakers. This gives you height whilst lengthening your pins. One of my favourites is this adidas wedge sneaker.

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