Paulini talks fitness, food & Running Heroes

Paulini, Paulini interview, fitness influencers

Paulini Curuenavuli certainly captured the hearts of the nation when she rose to prominence in the 2003 series of Australian Idol and she’s been kicking goals ever since. She’s just released a new single, By My Side and is the picture of health perfection (and inspiration!) staying active whenever she can. Sporteluxe chatted to Paulini to find out how she balances her healthy lifestyle with her busy career and to get the lowdown on her involvement with Running Heroes.

Paulini, Paulini interview, fitness influencers

Paulini talks fitness, food and Running Heroes!

Staying healthy is a huge part of your job. What do you like to do to keep fit? 

I love to run – whether its on a treadmill or outside, it’s great for my fitness but also keeps my mind active and helps to keep me lively on stage when performing. 

What three exercises do you love to hate? 

Burpees – find me someone who loves doing them! I often do intense weight and sprint training so by the end of a 45 min session of pushing myself to the limit I’m ready to collapse, you have to love that. Feels great once you’ve recovered though!

How do you fit exercise into your busy schedule? 
I don’t think about it anymore – I’ll look at my day ahead and work out where I can fit it a training session, whether short or extensive and go for it. It’s just become a part of my daily life because I know how I feel when I dont go for a run, or do some yoga so I’ve developed an almost-daily routine which works for me.

Paulini, Paulini interview, fitness influencers

If we took a peek inside your gym bag, what would we find? 

A big 2L bottle of water, a towel, my Lorna Jane hoodie ← (for this freezing weather!) and most importantly my iPod – I can’t train without tunes!  

Keeping your vocal chords healthy is clearly important. Do you have any go-to remedies if you feel a cold is coming on? 

Rest. Its important to listen to your body when you’re not feeling 100% so I tend to lay low for a day or 2. If it’s my throat feeling a little tender, I’ll have lots of hot water with lemon and honey and amp up the vitamins – always works!  

Paulini, Paulini interview, fitness influencers

What does your day on a plate look like? 

Depends which day! I tend to stick to a balanced diet of salads at lunch, and meat and 3 veggies for dinner. Breakfast is always my favourite meal so I’ll go for eggs, kale, smoked salmon and some toast to keep me going throughout the day, need the carbs – I am Fijian after all!  Snacks are always nuts for me and on a cheat day those nuts will be covered in cadbury dairy milk chocolate… 

What are three foods you couldn’t live without? 

Chicken – prepared in any way, salmon sashimi and chocolate.

Can you tell us a little more about Running Heroes and your involvement with them? 

Running Heroes is such a great initiative. It encourages people to join a community of like minded people, who have a love of running and keeping active and who are rewarded for doing what they love through online redemptions. Running Heroes have had such great success in Europe already, its an honour to be Ambassador for them here in Australia as they build the community and encourage good and active habits.

Visit Paulini’s YouTube Channel to listen to her new album, Come Alive. Find out more about Running Heroes by clicking here.


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