Posture tricks to make you look instantly slimmer

Good posture, how to correct your posture

Slouching over your laptop right now? Guilty. Well, it’s time to sit up straight and take note as we get the best postural tips from Sporteluxe expert contributor and Barre Body founder, Emma Seibold. Here’s some extra incentive: they’ll make you look slimmer instantly, and feel a whole lot more confident. Got your attention?

TRICK 1: Be self-aware and ask yourself these things…

  • Am I standing or sitting tall with a lengthened spine, rather than hunching?
  • Am I drawing my lower belly in and up?
  • Am I releasing my shoulders away from my ears and opening my chest (rather than hunching)?

TRICK 2: A strong core means better posture and a slimmer-looking you!

By incorporating simple core exercises that focus on your transverse and oblique abdominals (goodbye love handles), you stabilise the deeper muscles, essential to a strong core.

An ideal exercise that’s suitable for everyone is ‘opposite arm and leg extensions’ from an all-fours position. Here’s how to do it: exhale as you extend your arm and/or leg and inhale as you return to all fours. Do this slowly and with control. The slower the better as slower movements are most effective in firing these deep muscles.

TRICK 3: Do more organised exercise that focuses on improving posture

Barre and Pilates classes are wonderful for posture, as the basic alignment principles that generally help to improve most people’s posture are woven into every exercise you do.

Simple principles in Barre classes, like standing tall (ballerina-style!) and drawing your belly in, directing your tailbone towards the floor to find a neutral spine, broadening through your collarbones and releasing your shoulders down away from the ears, all help to correct basic posture for most people. Try it, you’ll see an instant difference!

Image credit: iStock