Practice yoga in one of the most sustainable studios in Singapore

Finding peace in a city as bustling as Singapore is no easy feat, but scale the heights at 181 Orchard Rd and you’ll find Hom Yoga, a quiet sanctuary separated from the noisy streets below.

With timber floors, high ceilings and walls of windows and mirrors, it’s difficult not to feel at ease upon entering.

Created to enable everyone to be able to practice yoga in the most clear and inspired way;” this studio clearly met its brief.

Our very own Bianca Cheah scouted out the top yoga studios in Singapore and it was Hom that caught her eye. Aside from the obvious appeal of the contemporary design and light-filled space, it’s the wellness philosophy grounded in the company that makes this studio exceptionally unique.

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Bianca Cheah, Hom Yoga Singapore

From energy efficient heat systems to reclaimed timber furniture and flooring, this studio is a sustainable practice in more ways than one. Founded by Malvina Kang, Hom reflects her commitment to the future of our environment and her dedication to philanthropy.

Practicing yoga all day can certainly bring one a sense of inner calm and deep contentment. The Hom Yoga group, with the assistance of UN women, channel this energy into supporting causes and organisations that can give back and bring real change to women in the region.

Hom Yoga Singapore

Hom Yoga SingaporeAlong with their ethical ethos, we love the premium service Hom Yoga is renowned for. Fresh mats and towels are complimentary, as well as a fully equipped bathroom, and mobile phones are prohibited in the rooms, as silence is mandatory. This allows for a complete mind-body experience.

Hom Yoga offers all forms of practice, which take place in a heated room of approximately 38 – 40 degrees Celsius. It is believed that the exceptionally high temperature allows the body to sweat out impurities and toxins. It works to warm up the muscles, which allows for improved flexibility in a short and safe amount of time.

The studio is home to an eclectic mix of teachers from all over the globe who stem from a broad range of yoga disciplines, and classes are designed and presented in the clearest, most accessible way to cater to all levels of experience. Whether you’re a first-timer or seasoned yogi, you’ll find something suitable at hot Hom – they even have a Teacher Training School for the masters to practice and perfect their art.

Along with the oasis at Orchard Central, Hom Yoga has a second studio in Raffles Place, Canton St and a practice in Sydney, Australia. In search of a little solitude? Escape to Hom for a much-needed reset.

Bianca Cheah, Hom Yoga Singapore

Hom Yoga Singapore

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