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Singapore-based company, We Are Cultured, have launched perfectly tea portioned sachets that are packed with the benefits of gut-friendly probiotics.

Probiotic Tea, Teabiotic, We Are Cultured, tea, gut heath

We know consuming tea brings a myriad of health benefits to the table. It delivers antioxidants, flavonoids and phytochemicals to the body; fights free radicals, can lower the risk of heart attacks or even boost muscular endurance. But, more often than not, we are either steeping loose tea leaves with the help of tea strainers or having our brews come from plastic “silk” pouches or GMO corn tea bags.

Enter: probiotic tea

Teabiotic, launched this month by the Singapore-based company, We Are Cultured, is here to change that. Offering not only the nourishing benefits of tea, these perfectly portioned sachets come packed with the benefits of gut-friendly probiotics. Allergy-free and convenient as an on-the-go wellness beverage, the powder-filled packets are derived from freeze-dried ingredients. This ensures the tea blends retain close to 90% of its nutritional value.

Probiotic Tea, Teabiotic, We Are Cultured, tea, gut heathA healthy gut ensures that our body functions at is optimum. We can combat unfriendly bacteria or yeast in our bodies that may cause undesirable effects like food allergies, skin breakouts or indigestion, from the nourishment of probiotics. A blend of organic wholefoods such as turmeric, ginger or matcha, Teabiotic are fused with organic Peruvian yacon root.  Peruvian yacon root acts as a natural prebiotic and a resilient probiotic, so it address the aforementioned concerns. Each packet contains bacillus coagulans GBI-30,6086 – a patented strain of good bacteria able to withstand high heat or pressure. This renders the probiotic strain potent even when brewed with hot water; making the multi-functional packets perfect even for baking or mixing into smoothies.

Find low GI, USDA organic coconut sugar in single serve packets for when that little bit of sweetness is needed. Formulated around the 3 pillars of focus, energy and detox, the tea selection presently includes six kinds of blends. Teabiotics can be consumed up to five times daily.


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