Ringly: the world’s most glamorous piece of smart jewellery

Ringly, rings, performance jewellery

Ringly is the latest wearable technology to come across our radar and we can assure all fashion-forward readers it’s something you’ll actually want to wear.

Created by jewellery designer, Annie Van Harlingen, alongside founder Christina Mercando, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these 18k gold rings with an emerald-cut, semi-precious gemstones were simply a gorgeous accruement when, in fact, Ringly offers so much more! Ringly, rings, performance jewellery

These super chic pieces of functional jewellery sync with your phone and apps, vibrating to inform you about important messages, emails, calendar events, and notifications. This means that you’ll never miss another important call because your phone was burried at the bottom of your Valentino tote.

We love the range of luxe gemstones to choose from; from classic black onyx to feminine pink sapphire and bold emerald green, there is something to suit every taste. The accompanying ring box also acts as a charging station for your ease and convenience. How clever is that?!

Even if you don’t want to embrace the many fit tech benefits of Ringly, you’ll still have a new, on-trend jewellery piece to add to your collection.

Ringly, rings, performance jewellery

Shop → Ringly Stargarze Tech Ring, $255.88
For more information visit the Ringly website here.