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Lisa Andersen, Surfing, Roxy, Roxy Pro
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With four amazing consecutive world titles under her belt, there’s no wonder Lisa Anderson is seen as a legend and a pioneer for today’s generation of professional women surfers. Her feminine style and athleticism laid the foundation for modern women’s surfing and she’s still leading the way forward as Roxy’s worldwide ambassador. She became the first woman to grace the cover of Surfer Magazine, who also named her one of the 25 most influential surfers of all time. Here’s what she had to say when we caught up with her at the Roxy Pro.

Lisa Andersen, Surfing, Roxy, Roxy Pro

How do you start your day?

I love to get up early. It’s my favourite time of the day and I like to take my time, have a cup of coffee and ease into the day. I have kids so once they’re up its always a bit chaotic in the morning. Once they’ve left for school I always check the surf, it’s nice and quiet then. If I’m not surfing I’ll go run a trail or a hike. I then usually avoid watching the news and instead listen music on Pandora. I also love to be outdoors in the garden.

Lisa Andersen, Surfing, Roxy, Roxy ProHow do you nourish your body?

I avoid sugar and instead have things like scrambled eggs, avocado and tomato on toast for breakfast. I eat anything that’s fresh. I love to cook. My dad is a chef so I’ve had a lot of practice! I have a grill built into my kitchen and love to use it instead of my stove when cooking. I’m also a big salad person! I feel that eating well is super important, I’m an antioxidant lover I’m always eating almonds and berries!

Lisa Andersen, Surfing, Roxy, Roxy ProHow do you keep your kids fit and healthy?

The kids are super spoilt, I always cook for them and I’ve gotten into a habit of cutting up oranges every morning for us to share. I’ve realised that if I prepare healthy snacks for them, like cutting up fruit or leaving a bowl of grapes in the fridge, they’ll eat it! Their sporting activities keep me busy as well!

Do you have any beauty secrets?

I take really good care of my skin. One of the things that has really worried me about getting older is all the damage that has happened to my skin, especially when out surfing. I always try to drink plenty of water, I don’t think anyone has as much as they should.

Lisa Andersen, Surfing, Roxy, Roxy ProDo you have any health secrets that you swear by?

Every morning before I have a coffee I have a glass of fresh lemon juice and water. I also make sure I have a positive mind. My favourite thing to do is make the boys dinner and have a glass of red wine and some almonds. Having time out is really important!

Lisa Andersen, Surfing, Roxy, Roxy ProWhat is your training regime like?

Surf training involves a lot of weight training and building core strength, it’s very hard! I also like to get out and run. I find it’s a really good release. I’ll also print out exercises and do them at home, there’s a 10 minute core workout that I do with my husband that’s become a ritual. I find it hard to surf at home in winter because the water gets so cold, so I keep fit by doing Pilates.

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