Run a personal best with these free Run Collective seminars

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Are you getting ready to run the City 2 Surf or some other social running event this season? Or maybe you’d just love some ‘run better’ tips from top experts?

Either way, you’re invited to Lululemon’s four-part series of free workshops in Sydney, covering techniques, preparation, taking care of yourself and performance, starting June 17.

“This Run Collective series will help people believe they can run, or run better, and help direct their focus to give them the best possible start,” says Sporteluxe contributor Greg Stark, founder and director of Better Being, lululemon ambassador and one of the four speakers for this series. “And for those seasoned veterans, hopefully offer tips and tricks to help them reach that new personal best!”

Here’s a taster of what each speaker will be focusing on. Tap your running buddies and put there in your diary now. We’ll see you there!

lululemon, running


By: Veronika Larisova, personal trainer at AGOGA

At: Lululemon’s Bondi Junction store

When: Wednesday June 17, 2015, 7pm

Veronika will cover all of the physical basics of how to run better, as well as how to love every step (well, at least enjoy them more!) “Knowledge is power. My aim is to help people to fall in love with running by providing tips on how to structure their running training and how to make it fun.” Topics she will cover include:

  • Running technique basics to get you running efficiently and remaining injury free
  • Warm up and cool downs, plus how to structure them, along with basic techniques and drills to get your body prepared
  • The runner’s high and how to use it
  • Types of running training or sessions; how to improve different components of your running such as aerobic energy system, speed, endurance, lactate threshold and more
  • Structuring/planning your running training; post training and race recovery

TIP: “Lots of people are scared or running as they perceive it as painful or too strenuous, and I want to show them that it doesn’t have to be like that,” says Veronika. “Running, is one of the basic and most natural primal movements and we should – and can – all enjoy it, not hate it!”

lululemon, running


By: Greg Stark, Sporteluxe contributor, personal trainer and founder of Better Being

At: Lululemon’s Ivy store

When: Wednesday July 1, 7pm

Whether you’re a first time runner or a seasoned run veteran, Greg will walk you through how to conquer your next running event like a pro. “My session will be about how people can train smarter, decreasing their risk of injury and maximising their performance,” he told us. Greg will cover:

  • The one change an Olympic gold medallist made to her training program, enabling her to set a new world record
  • The biggest nutrition secret that can affect your performance by as much as 20 per cent
  • What makes Kenyan athletes so successful at long distance running, and
  • Three simple exercises to significantly decrease your risk of injury


lululemon, running


By: Rachel Stanley, physiotherapist and yoga teacher Corporate Physio

At: Lululemon’s Ivy store

When: Wednesday July 15, 7pm

Rachel will cover things like:

  • Biomechanics for optimal running (improve efficiency and speed)
  • Common injuries while running, how to treat and prevent those injuries
  • How specific yoga poses can improve your efficiency and speed in running

lululemon, running


By: Benjamin Lucas, personal trainer and owner of Flow Athletic

At: Flow Athletic

When: Wednesday July 29, 2015, 7pm

  • We all know half of every race is run in our minds. Ben will address the more mental elements of running before you hit the course, including:
  • Goal Setting, positive picturing, modelling and visualisation
  • Megnet technique and chunking technique
  • Mindful running, breathing and positive self-talk

TIP: Check some of Bianca Cheah’s best running advice here too.

You can find more details on the Run Collective Speaker Series here.
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