Sally Fitzgibbons fit travel essentials!

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Image credit: Red Bull

Surfing sensation Sally Fizgibbons is always travelling. She’s also very committed to her fitness. Currently competing at The Hurley Australian Open of Surfing in Manly, we asked Sally to open her suitcase and share her must-pack items to keep her fit while travelling.

Sally fitz travel essentials surfboardsSally Fitz travel essentials finsSally fitz travel essentials foam roller

“I don’t go anywhere with out my bikinis, wetsuits, Firewire Surfboards and all essentials I need for surfing: wax, FCS fins and legropes. I then have all my fitness must haves: fitball, roller, skipping rope, stretch bands, yoga mat, runners, goggles, boxing gloves and tennis balls. Life on the road can sometimes be tough. But if you can have the things that help you keep your usual healthy routine going, it can feel a lot more homely.”

The Hurley Australian Open of Surfing runs until 15 February visit For more information on Manly visit