Catching up with surfer babe Sally Fitzgibbons

Sally Fitgibbons Sporteluxe Women Of Influence Awards

World number three Pro Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons is super fit, downright gorgeous and has a killer personality. Fitzgibbons is the ultimate pin up for women’s fitness. So when we cornered the surfing goddess in Byron Bay, we couldn’t wait to share with Sally’s healthy secrets with you. Happy reading!

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Sally’s favourite gear to work out in is the new Roxy Outdoor Fitness.

You have ah-mazing abs! So tell us how you stay fit and super-toned? Key exercises? 

I guess training as hard as I can day in day out, trying to clinche the World Title, keeps me in good shape. I’d like to say it is one simple quick fix tip to getting fit and in shape but truthfully it takes a little time. It’s all about making exercise a daily routine that you don’t think twice about it in the end. You just attack and go do it! You learn to love it and you will feel amazing benefits from being super fit. You have to pair it with healthy eating and continue to make those healthy decisions day in day out. Work your butt off and keep that smile on your face while doing it. A smile will take you the extra mile.

What would I find in your fridge?

A big pot of chicken and vegie soup, every type of fruit and vegetable, eggs and leftovers from the night before.


Sally lives in her Roxy Bikinis

What is the one wardrobe essential that you can’t live without everyday?

I can’t live without my Roxy Bikinis and wetsuits..I live in the water the most part of everyday.

We all love a cheat day, what is your favourite food to splurge on?

It’s hard being lactose intolerant at times as a lot of the treat/splurge foods are ruled out for me..but I love blueberries so much. Often I’ll splurge on them and on items when I’m doing my shopping and buy all the expensive fruits.

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Sally always stays focussed and positive with her daily mantras she lives by.

You’re an inspiration to a lot of young girls and guys. Do you have a few daily mantras that you live by that have helped you to get where you are today?

It is a really rewarding feeling to think I’m inspiring that next generation of surfers or young athletes. I live by a few great mantras;

  • A smooth sea never made a great sailor.
  • Here..Now..This moment!
  • Live your Passion : )
  • .

Surfing can be very tiring on the body.  So tell us, what are your favourite foods to snack on for energy?

I’m always on the go between training and the beach for surf sessions so I have to snack on the run most of the time. For me fruit & vegies are the easiest to transport and u can mix and match all the time. It’s great if u can snack on those raw foods as much as possible. I also have some mixed nuts and seeds in the car.

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Sally swears by her Garnier Miraculous Oil to keep her hair smooth and silky. 

Since you’re in the sun so much, how do you protect your skin and hair? Do have any favourite products?

It is so hard for my skin and hair to stay healthy battling the harsh elements all the time but I put on my favourite products religiously and it keeps everything looking good. I love using Miraculous oil by Garnier for my hair every time I come in from the surf and Garnier’s BB cream every time I leave the house heading into the sun!!

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Going for a long run is at the top of Sally’s list for relaxation

What do you do for relaxation? 

I love to go on long adventurous type runs. I find it really relaxing to go on a big run and sort out my thoughts. I also use it to sight see when I’m travelling overseas for events, I love to connect with the place I’ll be surfing at by running by major landmarks.

Favourite surfing holiday destination

It is super hard to just pick one so I’ll narrow it down to a few; Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa, Fiji or the Maldives! All amazing locations surf and kick back and relax.