Sally Fitzgibbons talks health, beauty & fitness!

Sally Fitzgibbons
Sally Fitzgibbons talks health, beauty & fitness!
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Surfing sensation Sally Fitzgibbons is the quintessential beach babe. Ahead of her appearance at the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing in Sydney’s Manly from 7-15 February we caught up with stunning Aussie surfer and convinced her to share her health, beauty and fitness secrets.

Are you excited for the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing? What are you looking forward to?

I’m really excited for the Australian Open of Surfing. It’s the first hit out of the season, where you are testing everything from equipment to how your body is tracking physically. Just getting everything set to launch another big campaign on the World Tour hunting down a World Title. I’m looking forward to putting that contest jersey back on for 2015.

Have you spent much time in Manly before? If so what are some of your favourite things about this beautiful Sydney spot?

I’ve grown up surfing and competing on Manly Beach over the years and I love the special feel that the beach holds. So many historic moments in Australian surfing have happened on Manly shores and it is always a proud feeling to follow in the footsteps of the legends before me and compete there.

Do you have any pre-comp rituals?

I always pick up a handful of sand or rocks on the shore right before I paddle out for my heat. I rub it between my hands and my feet. It connects me with the ocean.

How do you start your day?

I wake before it gets light and start training as the first signs of light show on the horizon. It is the most peaceful time of the day to hit the trails or the waves. It almost feels like you get the most magical moments and sunrises all to yourself. Your own quiet time.

How do you nourish your body? Can you talk us through your day on a plate?

My plate is constantly changing due to all the travel and different commitments I have in a day. Variety is a huge part of keeping your food exciting and fun, mixing it up and surprising your body with new foods all the time. My plate usually consists of loads of raw veggies and fruit, as they are easy to pack in your bag and eat on the run. Plenty of hits of protein through the day, including eggs for brekkie and chicken, fish, turkey or red meat throughout the rest of the day. I love a good homemade chicken soup with lots of veggies also.

Any health secrets you swear by?

Making sure you schedule time in your day for self-care. Switching off all devices and your work brain and simply doing some concentrated breathing and meditation out in the park or on the beach. Everyone lives such fast paced lives these days and don’t realise how wound up they can get and how much energy is being expended. Be kind to yourself and put some of that energy back in. Clear your mind and just be.

What’s your training regime like?

We start competing in Australia in February and compete through to December finishing in Hawaii so it is a long season. It is better for me to train all year round rather than to power down and start up again.  My training involves surf sessions at all different times of the day and then I have great variety in my land-based sessions. For cardio I will run, swim, bike, box and skip plus my strength work in the gym. I put in extras in around the main sessions depending on how the day is going, like yoga, stretching or skateboarding. I don’t really have a routine day of training but prefer to try and keep it fresh!

Obviously you spend a lot of time in the ocean and sun. How do you keep your hair and skin looking great?

There are endless ways to care for hair and skin, everyone reacts differently to different products. A couple of natural ways that work for me are exfoliating my skin with wet sand at the beach. Just sitting in the shallows and lightly scrubbing my skin. I love using coconut oil for heaps of things from cooking my food to moisturising skin and hair. It works for everything! When in the sun I make sure I’m all sunscreen-ed to the max. I’m excited to be partnering with a revolutionary sunscreen company called Solar-D which lets the vitamin D through the sunscreen which is beneficial to your health.

“Balance is always an ongoing quest. It’s tough, things are coming into your life and cycling out constantly and trying to fit it all in seems impossible at times. It’s just listening to your body and asking what it needs. Creating a small window in your day to tend to yourself is really important. So try and find 30 minutes for some breathing or yoga.” – Sally Fitzgibbons

The Hurley Australian Open of Surfing

Date: 7-15 February in Manly.
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