Say goodbye to digestive woes at this luxe Byron Bay retreat

For Life Retreats
Guests can expect an incredibly delicious (belly-friendly) retreat menu

Living with digestive issues can take its toll, making day-to-day tasks uncomfortable at best and decisions on what’s best to have for lunch take way longer than they should. If this sounds like you, For Life Retreats is definitely worth a closer look.

Nestled just seven kilometres from beautiful Byron Bay in northern New South Wales, this luxurious, nature-based retreat uses a ‘food is medicine’ and holistic wellness approach to help women with digestive health issues. Held over four days, it allows guests to develop a deeper understanding of how the digestive system works (in laymen terms) and likewise, understand their individual issues. Guests also learn how to create specialised eating and wellness plans, making it useful for anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing, whether they have health worries or not.

Founders Anna Surrey and Kellie Malcolm have a shared passion to inspire, educate and motivate others after experiencing their own personal journeys with digestive issues.

Over the course of this unique retreat you will experience seminars, live demonstrations and workshops. You will also get moving with yoga, Pilates and personal training group sessions. Then after all the brain and exercise strain you’ll be rewarded with an all-inclusive, delicious (belly-friendly) menu that is fully organic, sourced locally and is approved by expert nutritionist, Josh Reed, along with some serious pampering, relaxation and quality self-care (which if you’re anything like me, you haven’t had a lot of lately). “You are not what eat, but what you digest, ferment and absorb; good gut health is the foundation to optimal wellness” says Josh.

The first retreat is set to kick of in August, followed by one in November. Each only caters for the capacity of 10, so if you’re keen, you’d better get in quick!

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