Scott Gooding says the next big thing is cooking with bugs

By guest blogger Scott Gooding

If you’ve ever been to a street market in Asia, China, South America or Africa you would have surely seen the plethora of insects for sale. Insects are an integral part of the food landscape in most regions of the world but we are quick to turn our nose up at creepy crawlies here in Australia. It’s my belief that over the coming years we will see a shift more in line with our global neighbours with regards to our attitude towards insects.

Beef Tartare, cooking with bugsEating a cricket is no weirder than eating an oyster or a pork rib, but because we haven’t been exposed to them they are pigeon-holed for crazy game shows like Survivor and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. The reality is that insects provide a reliable, valuable, sustainable source of nutrition. They are a rich source of protein and arguably a more ethical source compared to more conventional sources.

The change won’t happen overnight but anything worth having is worth waiting for…right? For those of you amongst us with a keen eye may have seen insects already popping up on menus in cafes and restaurants – the likes of ants, mealworms, scorpions and crickets. For now, these critters are more often than not, a novel or innovative garnish but as they infiltrate our food landscape I’m confident they’ll take pride of place as the hero of the dish. The trickle down will be from prominent chefs, like Kylie Kwong and Matt Stone, both of whom are advocates of cooking with bugs, and then the tide will fully turn once foodies on Instagram embrace the new wave. The change will then spread like wildfire or a plague of locusts.

Here are few restaurants cooking with bugs:

El Topo – Bondi Junction, Sydney
Bistro Dom – Waymouth Street, Adelaide

Billy Kwong – Potts Point, Sydney
Lady Boy Dining & Bar – Richmond, Melbourne

If you needed anymore persuasion then Head Chef at Noma (voted best restaurant in the world) is renowned for his foraging menu and frequently incorporates insects into his menu – including his ant and beef tartare.

About Scott Gooding:

Scott Gooding has a deep understanding of the human body, exercise science, health and nutrition, and is also a wholesome cook. Scott became a household name on TV show ‘My Kitchen Rules’ and won the hearts of the nation with his healthy approach to tasty food. A health and fitness ambassador, Scott strongly advocates the path to optimal health through his role with Nature’s Way and as an author of six successful books under the Clean Living series released in Australia and the UK. You can catch him surfing, skating and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach.

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