Secrets to 7-minute HIIT sculpting workout success 

FIT in your jeans for genes, Cameron Byrnes, HIIT workout

Want a good reason to get fit and slim your way into your fave jeans?

It always helps to have an extra feel-good incentive when you’re looking for exercise motivation, right? This year’s Jeans for Genes ‘FIT in your Jeans for Genes‘ 4-week challenge designed by celebrity trainer Cameron Byrnes is the perfect body blasting lead-up to the popular children’s charity fundraiser on August 7.

So, what exactly is ‘FIT in your Jeans for Genes’?

FIT in your jeans for genes, Cameron Byrnes, HIIT workout

Most Aussies know well that Jeans for Genes day is a fantastic annual fundraiser for the Children’s Medical Research Institute. This year’s extra ‘hot body’ initiative encourages everyone to take up a four-week exercise challenge, working out for just seven minutes daily to get fitter and healthier in time for Jeans for Genes Day on Friday, August 7.

Just download the free FIT app with tailored seven-minute exercise routines designed by Cam Byrnes (no equipment needed). You can then share your progress on social media to encourage people to sponsor you on your body-blasting journey, raising much needed funds for research into birth defects and diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and a range of genetic disorders. Then use the app to track your daily workouts, set reminders and monitor your progress.

“As a personal trainer, I understand and know how essential it is to stay healthy and what great effects it has on people,” says Cam. “I also believe that the vital work that the CMRI does is essential… I would be thrilled if in some way I’m helping raise public awareness.”

Cam Byrne’s best advice for HIIT-sculpting your body in 7 minutes:

  1. Your intervals must be proper HIGH INTENSITY, not semi high intensity. You must give absolutely everything you have left to give for every single interval. You must require a break in between. Sprinters are a great example. They give everything they have for that sprint to beat the person next to them… They don’t jog.
  1. Intervals are only 30 seconds to one minute. If you are doing them properly then there is no way you will last more than a minute.
  1. The exercise is important because you must be able to push yourself at 120 per cent. I recommend an exercise bike or spin bike because you can really push yourself to the limit. Sled push and hill sprints are also great if you’re able to really dig deep and push hard.
  1. HIIT takes practice. Don’t expect after a few weeks that you have trained your body to be a able to reach the right intensity properly. It takes constant practice to reach that intensity and to get the recovery time in-between faster.
  1. Recovery time in between intervals is based on the speed that you can get you heart rate down and your breathing settled. It’s about the same time it takes your body to produce ATP (the energy required to perform intervals).
  1. How many times a week should you perform HIIT? Most research suggests that if you’re doing it correctly your body will need at least one day off in between. It’s not like steady state cardio, you’re pushing your body to its limits. But also remember that HIIT causes weight loss for days after training.
  1. You can’t HIIT on empty fuel tanks. Fuel up an hour before and refuel about 30 minutes after. You can’t leave your body running on empty because it won’t perform and won’t recover.

WHEN? The official FIT program kicks off on Monday July 13. The 4 weeks then go on until August 7.

FIT in your jeans for genes, Cameron Byrnes, HIIT workout

How you can get involved?

  1. Register at and join the campaign.
  2. Download the app at the app store. Search for FIT in your Jeans for Genes.
  3. Commit to at least one 7-minute workout a day for 4 weeks.
  4. Share the good news on social media and encourage your social circles to sponsor you on your challenge, raising funds for CMRI – #J4GFIT

AMAZING FACTS: Jeans for Genes has raised $62 million over the charity’s 21-year history. CMRI was established from grassroots community support in 1958 and still relies heavily on the support of individuals. Every dollar you raise or donate will help build the cornerstones for tomorrow’s cures and treatments – for the benefit of children everywhere.

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