The perfect facial treatment for sensitive skins

Whenever winter approaches, my skin becomes sensitive. Because of the change in season I often feel sensations of discomfort like burning, itching and tingling every so often. It’s really annoying most of the time. However, after mentioning it to a friend of mine, she recommended the Ella Bache Sensibeautics Strengthening Facial Treatment for me to try. I’m not a fan of facials, and would prefer a whole body massage. But after reading about the facial online at, I decided to give it a go. The 1.15 hour experience was just so luxurious from start to end. The treatment involved a skin diagnosis, a massage from the de collage up, a foot massage, use of steamed warm towels to clean the skin and Ella Baches new Sensibeautics skincare range to soothe, provide intense calmness, strengthen, enhance my skins barrier protection and moisturise my skin. The treatment was exactly what my skin needed, an instant calming effect. Needless to say after buying the Daily Resistance Cream and Intensive Recovery Serum after my treatment,  my complexion has noticeably evened out, my redness has reduced and my sensitivity resistance has strengthened. A luxurious facial treatment for anyone who is looking to strengthen their sensitive skin. Head to for more information.