Seven healthy muesli and cereal options!


Love cereals but seriously confused about which ones you should be buying? Or whether you should be eating cereal at all? The good news is you don’t have to give up your beloved breakfast crunch. Mueslis and cereals also make great toppings for chia puddings, yoghurt, acai bowls and smoothies.

Making your own at home is always good, but if you don’t have the time to do so, there are some great ready-made options to choose from. Always make sure to get a good dose of protein, healthy fats and fibre at breakfast to help sustain you until lunch. These nutrients will help you stay fuller for longer without the blood sugar spike.

Here are my top picks to help you navigate the breakfast cereal aisle!

 Brrokefarm muesli

Brookfarm Muesli

Gourmet muesli in gluten-free or original. This is packed with flavour and wholesome ingredients like Aussie macadamias. It offers you 4.1g of protein and 16.8% of your daily intake of fibre per 35g serve.

Fruit free clusters

Food for Health Fruit Free Clusters with Chia

Fructose friendly, with omega-3s from the chia seeds and a lightly sweet crunch. This provides you with 5.5g of protein and 19.2% of your daily fibre intake in a 50g serve.

Loving Earth cereal

Loving Earth Deluxe Activated Buckinis

Organic and extra crunchy with delightfully exotic ingredients such as white mulberries, inca berries and goji berries. This gives you 5.2g of protein and a natural dose of fibre-rich foods.


Goodness Superfoods BarleyMax Clusters

Filled with oats and the unique BARLEYmax grain (a natural wholegrain that contains twice the fibre of regular grains), cashews, macadamias and cranberries. These clusters are high in protein with 5.6g per 50g serve and are an excellent source of fibre – a whopping 32.8%!


Carman’s Original Fruit Free Muesli

This muesli is low GI and is naturally sweetened with honey. It contains 5.8g of protein and 16.4% of your fibre needs.


The Muesli

It’s 97% sugar free, fructose free, all natural, and contains 7.8g of protein and 18.8% of your daily fibre in a 50g serve.


Whisk & Pin Gluten Free Muesli 

A yummy blend of dried strawberries, oranges, granny smith apples and nuts giving you 5.1g of protein and 22% of your fibre needs in a 50g serve.