Seven simple ways to boost your fibre.

Most Aussie women aren’t getting enough. Here’s how to up your intake!

The average Australian woman consumes between 20-25g of fibre a day. That’s 5-10g below the suggested daily intake for disease prevention and bowel health.

We all know fibre helps us stay regular. However, research is also emerging about the important role fibre plays in feeding the good bacteria in our gut, and thereby boosting our immune system. A healthy body is clearly linked to a healthy gut, and fibre is an essential ingredient most Aussie women need more of.

Here, are a seven simple ways to boost your fibre intake!

  1. Add some psyllium to your diet. Just one tablespoon contains 2.2g of fibre.
  2. Get into dried fruit. Inca berries, figs, and prunes all contain 8g or more of fibre per 100g. If you don’t like dried fruit, opt for fresh instead!
  3. Swap rice for quinoa. Quinoa contains nearly five times the amount of fibre than white rice per cup. It’s also a great source of protein.
  4. Leave the skin on your fruit and vegetables when possible. The skin is a concentrated source of nutrients, plus it’s loaded with fibre! Pumpkin and sweet potato included.
  5. Add avocado to your salads. Half an avocado contains a massive 4.4g of fibre. It’s also a great source of good fats.
  6. Snack on berries, especially strawberries and raspberries, which are both packed with fibre.
  7. Add some chia seeds to your diet. These tiny seeds pack a major fibre punch!
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