Sex on a plate! Boost your libido with aphrodisiac foods

Want to turn up the heat in the bedroom? Get started in the kitchen with these libido-boosting foods!

HoneyRaw honey

In ancient Europe honey was made into a wine and a newlywed couple would drink the wine for 30 days after marriage. Hence the name honeymoon! Quite a powerful aphrodisiac!


This sweet treat from the Middle East is made from honey and crushed sesame seeds and is said increase female desire.


Damiana is known as a sexual rejuvenator. It has even been shown to increase a sperm count and is taken as a herbal tincture. It’s also a tonic for the nerves.


Speeds up the metabolism, gives you more energy thus more vitality in the bedroom!


Cinnamon was used traditionally used in Europe as an aphrodisiac. Ginger is also said to boost female desire.

Nuts, seeds and leafy greens

Brazil Nut

These guys are high in B vitamins which feed all systems of the body including the hormonal pathways! Plus, selenium and zinc in Brazil nuts look after our sex hormones!


High in zinc to support sperm mobility and motility!


Are a high food source of zinc which helps to balance and modulate hormones.

Chocolate liquidDIY Raw chocolate body butter recipe:

Chocolate helps the body make phenylalanine which is one of the hormones we release when we’re in love. Want to make the bedroom even more fun? Make a healthy and totally edible body butter! Just mix together raw cacao, cinnamon, coconut sugar and melted coconut oil. Mix together then enjoy this treat with your partner. It’s also amazing as the healthy chocolate part of chocolate covered strawberries!

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