Shu Uemura’s must-collect cult shampoo Art Series

Shu Uemura

It’s not surprising that the cleansing brand of choice for a legion of beauty insiders chose a Japanese theme for this beautiful limited edition art series of cleansing oil shampoos (on sale June) – after all, Shu Uemura is named after the brilliant Japan-born makeup artist who founded it in 1983.

But it’s the choice of artists chosen to add cool-factor to these bottles that’s most fascinating. All are at the absolute zeitgeist of what’s edgy right now in visual arts. Here’s what we think you’ll find fascinating about each, too…

TIP: If you haven’t yet tried Shu Uemura’s cult signature skin cleansing oil or face oils, then do. There’s a reason it’s a go-to for celebs and folks in the beauty business! Likewise for this cleansing oil shampoo, which leaves your hair soft, but absolutely not greasy. Both are based on the brand’s mantra that ‘oil removes oil’ and, trust us, both are beauty game changers!

Shu Uemura, Dean Carlyle

Dean Carlyle – tattoo artist

New Zealand-born, Sydney-based Dean is a favourite with everyone from celebs to city bankers and the art crowd. And he’s in hot demand for good reason; he spends so much time with clients making sure every element of the tattoo is flawless that the whole process can sometimes take months. For more on his Sydney studio Hibernia Tattoo, visit here.

Shu Uemura, Emma Mulholland

Emma Mulholland – fashion designer

She’s considered one of the fastest rising stars of the Australian fashion business, beloved by the style media, winner of the BT Emerging Designer Award and founder of her eponymous brand Emma Mulholland. But what you mightn’t know is that this Ulladulla-born lady, who interned with Dion Lee, Romance Was Born and Ksubi , already has a growing celeb fan base for her clothes, including Kanye West, Azealia Banks and Kimbra.

Shu Uemura, Andrew Archer

Andrew Archer – illustrator

Also New Zealand-born, Andrew admits some of his earliest artistic memories as a child involve sketching Reebok trainers! Although trained as a graphic designer, he’s now one of the most in-demand commercial illustrators, working with the likes of Nike, Red Bull and Adidas, and is a favourite with high-luxe fashion magazines including Vogue Paris and ELLE. This bottle is one of the most affordable ways you can own a piece of his limited edition artwork!

TRIVIA: These aren’t the first visual artists to be inspired by Shu Uemura. Rumour has it Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld has spent the last 20 years using the brand’s rich eye colours to sketch his fashion illustrations!

Shu Uemura’s limited edition Art Series collaboration collection ($73 for 400ml) is available exclusively in Shu Uemura Art of Hair consultant salons across Australia from June 2015.
Visit here for your nearest salon.
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