Simple ways to beat stress and bad moods!


It’s just passed 3pm and you’ve got two more back-to-back meetings before home time. You’re feeling tired, grumpy and utterly overwhelmed. And yep – the cookies and cupcakes sitting pretty in the staff kitchen are starting to look mighty appealing right about now.

But before you dive into sugar overload, take a moment to appreciate recent research that has shown that quick-fix sweet treats may actually do your body and mind more harm than good. Which is why next time you feel the bad mood bandit approaching, I recommend trying out some of these healthy tips and support your body in achieving a balanced and bright mood instead.

Tips to prevent and manage bad moods

Reduce your alcohol intake

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and if indulged in regularly can cause both psychological and physiological harm. Use your common sense and know when you’re feeling mentally strong enough to cope with the side effects of alcohol intake.

Avoid processed foods

Research has shown that a balanced diet high in vegetables and fruit but low in processed foods forecasts better mental health than one high in processed foods.

AsparagusUse the healing power of food to help stabilise your moods and energy levels

Some top mood boosting foods to try include:

–          Asparagus

–          Avocados

–          Bananas

–          Berries

–          Cashews

–          Canola oil

–          Cold-water fish (such as salmon, sardines and tuna)

–          Chamomile tea

–          Chicken

–          Corn

–          Dark chocolate

–          Eggs

–          Garlic

Pineapple–          Green tea

–          Kiwi fruit

–          Leafy greens

–          Molasses

–          Oranges

–          Oysters

–          Pineapples

–          Plums

–          Sour cherries

–          Sunflower seeds

–          Tomatoes

–          Walnuts

Get moving

Exercise temporarily increases feel-good chemicals such as endorphins and has been said to help to support the brain in rewiring itself to think more positively.

Hit the sack

Aim for eight hours of quality sleep a night and a bedtime of around 10pm. This will help take advantage of your natural circadian rhythms to heal and revitalise your body while you sleep.

Surround yourself with positivity

Follow businesses and personalities on social media that are renowned for their upbeat and positive attitudes and ensure you have a group of encouraging and loving friends and family members who can support you on your down days.

Play some Bob Marley

And, finally, try not to take life too seriously. We can get caught up in our stories and worries, but every now and then it’s a good idea to turn up the music, let your hair down and shake your hips while Bob Marley croons: ‘Don’t worry, be happy’.