Six swaps to reduce refined carbs

Repeat after us: carbs are not the enemy! Most of us need a certain amount of carbohydrates to get through the day. But if most of your plate is looking white thanks to pasta, rice, noodles, bread and other refined carbs, then switch it up a little! Not only will you most likely reduce your energy intake, you’ll also be getting a boost of nutrients too with these swaps!

  1. Craving pizza? Switch the base from a regular flour base (including gluten-free) to an almond meal or cauliflower crust.
  2. Wrapping it for lunch? Use large lettuce leaves like cos instead of a wheat wrap. Some of these can equate to the same amount of carbs as around two to four slices of bread!
  3. Stir fry or pasta on the menu for dinner? Switch out the noodles for konjac or kelp noodles. Or make zucchini ribbons.
  4. Need a side for a curry? Blitz cauliflower in a food processor for a rice replacement
  5. Have a weakness for mashed potato? There’s nothing wrong with some mash!  However, you can cut back on the starch by using cannellini bean or cauliflower puree instead. Not convinced about this swap? Go for half-mash, half-bean to ease yourself into it.  You can also try adding some colour with pumpkin, carrot or peas too.
  6. Love rice pudding with fruit? Switch out the rice for quinoa or make a refreshing chia seed pudding instead!