Six superfoods to eat everyday

Superfoods are one of the best ways you can improve your health, boost your immunity, increase your happiness through hormone production and alkalise and nourish your body on a deep level.

They are named superfoods because of their exceptional level of nutrients – each one having 12 or more unique health benefits, making them the most potent and nutrient-rich foods on the planet.

Here are my top six which are abundant in my diet.

Cocoa postCacao

Cacao is a superstar. It is the raw, unprocessed, unrefined state of chocolate, and is super rich in nutrients. It contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world. It is high in magnesium, making it good for our muscles and alkalising our body. It’s also an excellent source of zinc, which boosts immunity, especially important while we go through the middle of winter.

My favourite ways to incorporate cacao into my diet are through making raw desserts, throwing it in a smoothie, or combining it with some warm almond milk for a warming drink.


Coconut is high in medium chain fatty acids which are really beneficial in our bodies. They are anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial – helping boost our immune system.  These good fats also improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and are good for hormone health. Coconut oil in particular has also been shown to boost metabolism and aid weight loss.

My favourite way to get the health benefits of coconut into my body is by using coconut oil. I cook with it, I bake with it and I put it in my raw desserts. I also make delectable raw chocolate by mixing coconut oil, raw cacao and a drop of maple syrup. I then put that mix into mini cupcake patties, to create an amazingly healthy raw chocolate. If you’re a fan of combining nuts and chocolate you can also try making my healthy peanut butter cups.


Spirulina provides an abundant supply of many different phytonutrients which boost our health. It is a concentrated source of protein, which is vital for growth and repair of our muscles and soft tissues, is good for our nervous system, our heart, and plays a significant role in balancing blood sugar. Spirulina is also rich in iron, magnesium, B vitamins and vitamins D and K. It is a source of antioxidants so will boost immunity and help protect you from free radicals. It is also cleansing and anti-inflammatory.

Spirulina tablets are fantastic. Also a great way to get it is through super greens powders which taste nice in a glass of coconut water or thrown into a green smoothie.

Chia SeedsChia seeds

More like super seeds! They assist ongoing cleansing as a source of fibre, along with helping balance blood sugar. They are a great source of essential fatty acids, which helps heart health, hormone health and nerve function. Chia seeds are high in anti-oxidants, have three times more iron than spinach and five times more calcium than milk.

I sprinkle chia seeds on everything from salads to vegetable dishes, smoothies to raw desserts. Or you can’t go past a yummy chia pudding for breakfast or dessert.

Goji berries

Goji’s have an extraordinary nutrient value. They boost immune function, increase alkalinity and boost vitality. They also provide liver protection through balancing blood sugar and contain phytonutrients which help the liver’s ability to detoxify.

These rich red berries are also known as an ‘adaptogen’. This describes a substance that invigorates and strengthens the body through helping it deal more easily with stress through support of the adrenal glands.

And finally, they deliver abundance of anti-ageing compounds. We’re talking two to four times more than blueberries. Hell yes to that!

My favourite way to consume goji berries is atop an acai bowl or through salads as they add texture and sweetness.

Maca powderMaca

Maca has been dubbed nature’s Viagra! It has been well proven to improve sexual function. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, sterols and alkaloids, which are essential to sustained energy and healthy bodies. It is also an adaptogen, like goji berries, so helps your body cope with stress better.

Because maca has been proven to improve energy and performance it is the perfect addition to your morning protein smoothie post-workout.

Also add it to almond milk based smoothies, or with banana and raw cacao. Delish!

By adding superfoods to your diet you are enriching your health. Start by not taking foods away, but by adding them in. Add superfoods to everything. Soon you won’t crave the not-so-healthy foods and your body will really feel amazing.

Image credits: Thinksstock