Skin problems: easy ways to fix the ones linked to your complexion

skin problems, beauty products, Priceline Australia
Skin problems: easy ways to fix the ones linked to your complexion

We all think we know what type of skin we have (oily, dry, combination, normal…) but do we really know? Our skin changes throughout our life due to hormones, medication, and the environment. You might think you’ve got your skin sussed but then BAM!… you get a reaction to something. Don’t panic. Here are some common skin problems and how to solve them.

Post cleanse my skin feels tight

If your skin feels taut and dry after cleansing don’t immediately designate yourself a ‘dry skin type’. It may be as simple as switching to a cream or oil based cleanser. Cleansing oil is an incredibly swift way to remove stubborn makeup, while being natural and hydrating and gentle on the skin at the same time. Nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil contains a lovely blend of rosehip, avocado, jojoba and olive oil to whip away impurities while leaving skin cushiony and protected.

skin problems, beauty products, Priceline Australia

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By lunchtime it’s an oil slick

Do you consider your skin oily? If you have large visible pores and when you blot your skin the tissue comes off greasy, then it’s a sign you have oily skin. If, on the other hand, you have smaller pores and just a slight sheen midday it may be that your moisturiser is too rich for you. Steer clear of oil-based formulations and instead choose a lightweight gel like Ponds Hydra Collagen Gel.

skin problems, beauty products, Priceline Australia

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I look a bit ‘creased’ when I wake up

If you feel about as rumpled as a linen pillowcase when you wake up in the morning you may be tempted to reach for the anti-agers. While it’s important to incorporate some anti-aging ingredients into your routine when your skin needs them (Skin Doctors Beetox and L’Oreal Revitalist Laser X3 Anti-Ageing Power Serum are both superpowered line-blizers) it may mean that you’re a little dehydrated. Drink more water as your first port of call and try introducing a moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid into your routine – this ingredient binds moisture to the skin.

skin problems, beauty products, Priceline Australia

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skin problems, beauty products, Priceline Australia

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Help – my skin is stinging

A lot of people take this to mean that their skin is sensitive, when it could simply mean that the product is irritating to your skin at the moment. This could be due to a variety of lifestyle and environmental factors, and it doesn’t mean you have to rule out all similar products or spend your life married to Cetaphil and Sorbolene. Just avoid the offending product and try something a little less active. When my skin goes into meltdown I switch to rosehip oil at night- I find it calming but hydrating. Try A’kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil.

skin problems, beauty products, Priceline Australia

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When I have a wine my face turns pink

If your skin flushes when exposed to heat, alcohol or spicy foods it could be a sign that you have sensitive skin. If your dermis is easily irritated it’s best to avoid products that are highly perfumed. Look for formulations labeled non-comodonenic and dermatologically-tested. During the day you’ll need an SPF – the QV range is good for this. QV Face Moisturising Day Cream is a simple formulation that won’t irritate and it contains sunscreens, too.

skin problems, beauty products, Priceline Australia

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