Skincare secrets my mum (the skin expert) taught me

skincare tips, skincare advice

Here I divulge my mother’s best kept secrets – if it’s one thing my mums well versed in, it’s beauty! From telling me I’m beautiful without make-up, to the gentle hint that it’s time to wax that unibrow – I know my mum will always be honest with me (sometimes painfully so). Here she shares 4 of her best beauty tips!


Tip 1: Early off the mark

To prevent ageing, you have to start your skincare regimen in your formative years. I was cleansing, toning and onto Vitamin A serums at the ripe age of 13, and delved into eye creams by 18. It’s all about preventative measures for young looking skin!

Our top-pick skincare products we couldn’t live without:

skincare tips, skincare advice
Shop → SK11 Toner, $100
skincare tips, skincare advice
Shop → Environ AVST 2, $60.99
skincare tips, skincare advice
Shop → Ella Bache Spirulines Green Lift, $82



Tip 2: Sun protection is key

My mother taught me the importance of SPF in my formative years, in my younger years, she would would laboriously pull me out of the pool and dry me off every 2 hours to reapply.

Always take pride in your appearance; stay out of the sun and always wear sunscreen. My mum is in her 50’s and has not a mark on her face, gets regular mani, pedis and has always seen a nourishing night cream as an investment (don’t forget your neck and chest).

skincare tips, skincare advice
We love → Ella Bache Great SPF 30+, $62



Tip 3: Simplicity is timeless

If you have a clear complexion (which you will, if you follow tip 1) you don’t have to do much, that’s something I learned from my mum, Sheree. My mum’s rule with make up: neutrals work best. My mum is all for classic beauty and loves the fresh no-make up but simply flawless look.

Our top-pick make-up items we couldn’t live without:

skincare tips, skincare advice
For brows → By Terry, $46
skincare tips, skincare advice
For lips → Chanel Rouge Double Intensité, $52



Tip 4: Flawlessly professional

Always have your foundation matched by a professional- mineral is best. Quality over quantity: There is no match for top quality skincare and make up: after all, unlike those Manolos- it’s an item you wear everyday- worth the extra pennies.

skincare tips, skincare advice

We love → Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals, $73


Audrey Hepburn said it best “the happiest girls are the prettiest girls”

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